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Conservatory Roofs Kent

conservatory roofs kent

Many people find that adding a conservatory began as a good idea, but then turned into something of a nightmare, leaving them with a room which is either too hot in the Summer, or freezing cold in the Winter.

What was planned to be a great room, has seldom been used because it is too noisy from the weather and traffic. The glare of the sun has damaged expensive furnishings and cushions.

On the whole, the room is avoided as it is unpleasant to be in it for any great length of time. At Home Logic, we aim to give you that room back, and make it the best room in the house!

With that in mind, here’s our guide to all you need to know when planning your conservatory roofs Kent projects, to ensure you receive a professional service, from start to finish…

Conservatory Roofs Kent: Why Insulation Matters

When you insulate your conservatory roof with Home Logic, you will find the conservatory a comfortable, quiet place to relax in. It will quickly become a favourite place to curl up in with a good book!

A well-insulated conservatory should be pleasantly warm in the Winter, and cool in the Summer months. Your furniture should not be damaged because of the sun beating down on it. You should not be disturbed by exterior noise.

We have some excellent insulation for your conservatory roof in Kent. We use a multi-foil product, which is designed to eliminate heat loss through the ceiling – in fact, our foil stops 91% of heat loss occurring through the roof! This makes it a room that you can use all year round.

Our product is comprised of layers of wadding, aluminium, foam and air pockets. This is the reason that our blankets are the perfect insulation material. The edges of the blanket are sealed with Thermaseal insulation tape, ensuring that your conservatory is perfectly sealed against the elements.

When you take advantage of insulating your conservatory roof in Kent, you will find that we deliver a room which is kept at a perfect temperature all year round. There will be no damp or condensation problems, and noise will be significantly reduced.

Glare form the sun will be eliminated, thus the damage to your furniture will be a thing of the past. Additionally, there is no planning permission needed for this insulation.

conservatory roofs kent

Our experts have over 30 years’ experience, with our conservatory roof insulation in Kent designed to enhance your home, add value to it, and save you money

Conservatory Roofs Kent: 3 Simple Suggestions

Material sails: These are made of fabric, which is nailed to the woodwork of your conservatory roof. The fabric is then stretched and secured at the edges. These sails act as protection against the sun – and that is all they do. While they may look pretty (they come in different colours), they do not insulate your conservatory in any way. They may even be a fire hazard.

Blinds: The only thing that blinds do is to stop the glare from the sun. They are an expensive way of doing this! The blinds are trimmed and fitted to each window pane. They are opened and closed by pulling a chord. Blinds do not stop the temperature rising or falling in the conservatory. The disadvantage of blinds is that you need to open and close each one individually to stop the sun, or let it in.

Multi-foil blankets: These blankets were tested by NASA during the Apollo space missions, and we use them to insulate conservatory roofs all over the UK. This multi-foil blanket is 50% cheaper than replacing an entire roof, and will prevent over 91% of heat escaping upwards and out of the roof. Not only will you find that this method of insulation prevents heat loss, it will also save you a bunch of money each year on your heating bills too.

Why Choose Home Logic?

We are committed to providing conservatory roof insulation in Kent, and we aim to insulate to the highest standards.

You will find that our materials are eco-friendly and cost effective. Our professionals are ready to answer all your questions. You will find them friendly and knowledgeable. They will be able to assist you throughout the whole insulation process.

Inferior insulation will cause mould, and possibly structural damage to your conservatory roof, if left for any length of time. With Home Logic, we take care of these problems on your behalf.

We will deliver a room which is perfect all year round, the right temperature, noise-free, and protected from the sun. You will no longer have to deal with faded upholstery and cushions.

Not only will your home stay as beautiful as the day you bought it, the value will increase. You will use less energy and find that you save a lot more money!

When you insulate your conservatory with our multi-foil blankets, your conservatory roof will be completely sealed against the weather, giving you the perfect results you expect!

Our experts have over 30 years’ experience, with our conservatory roof insulation in Kent designed to enhance your home, add value to it, and save you money.

Insulating your conservatory roof in Kent – that’s our job! That’s why you know you will be in safe hands with us here at Home Logic. We’ve insulated thousands on conservatories across the UK, so why not let us give you a room you can use again, throughout every single season.

Whatever the weather, your conservatory will be the perfect room for you and your family to relax in. Transform your Kent conservatory’s temperature today, by calling 0800 1700 636, or, alternatively, by simply clicking the button below!