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Conservatory Roofs Lancashire And Surrounding Areas

Conservatory Roofs Lancashire

Often, conservatories – which seem a good idea at the time – are either too hot in the Summer months, or freezing cold in the Winter. There may be glare from the sun, and noise from rain. Most likely there will be temperatures which are uncomfortable.

Instead of being a pleasant room to relax in, the conservatory is often not used as much as it could be. This is a very common problem, which we at Home Logic are experts at fixing, regardless of whichever style you have, be it Edwardian or Victorian, or something more bespoke.

Insulating your conservatory roof in Lancashire means that you have an extra room in which to sit, with comfortable temperatures and refreshingly noise-free.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled the following guide to conservatory roof insulation in Lancashire to get you started with your endeavours…

Conservatory Roofs Lancashire : Why Adequate Insulation Is Essential

A well-insulated conservatory roof retains the heat in the Winter months, and provides a cool, comfortable room in the Summer. Any fabric in the room will not suffer from sun damage, causing it to fade.

Here at Home Logic, we provide excellent insulation for your conservatory roof in Lancashire. The conservatory insulation we use will prevent up to 91% of heat loss through the roof.

Our multi-foil insulation will transform your unused conservatory into a room you use every day, regardless of the weather outside.

Our product is comprised of multiple layers of Wadding, Aluminium, Foam and Air pockets, which provide the perfect insulating system. It is a complete insulating blanket, which is sealed with Thermaseal Insulation tape to achieve a perfect temperature year round.

When you take advantage of our conservatory roofs Lancashire, you will find that not only is your home cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter, there is also no condensation because of dampness. Glare from the sun, and fading furniture will become a thing of the past!

An extra bonus is that for you do not need any planning permission to insulate your conservatory.

Conservatory Roofs Lancashire

Conservatory Roofs Lancashire: Top Tips And Tricks

Here are some suggestions for conservatory roofs Lancashire, which you should think about:

  • Conservatory roof blinds: These are normally pleated blinds which are trimmed and fitted to the roof panels in the conservatory. This is not a cheap way to stop the sun bearing down on you – and more importantly – they are not good at correctly insulating your conservatory. Roof blinds will provide shade but the heat will still be lost. You will also find that if you install blinds on all the windows and the roof, you have a huge number of chords to pull just to get a little shade!
  • Fabric sails: These are normally nailed to the outside of your roof, on the framework. They are then stretched to act as sunscreens, similar to blinds. Although they help protect you against the glare from sunlight, they have no insulation quality at all, and will be of no use in colder months. While they may be pretty, they will not prevent heat loss. They will need to be cleaned often and may pose a fire hazard.
  • Multi-foil insulating system: This foil system was first tried by NASA during the Apollo missions. It is now one of the best ways to insulate conservatory roofs in the UK. Home Logic uses this amazing product to insulate your home. Not only will it stop over 91% of heat escaping, it is 50% cheaper than replacing a roof. In effect, you will be preventing heat loss from your conservatory for many years, thus saving you money on your energy bills.

Why Choose Home Logic for your Conservatory Roofs Lancashire?

We are committed to providing insulation of the highest standard. Our products are also eco-friendly and cost effective. We are there every step of the way during the process, and our team of professionals is ready to answer any questions you have.

Inadequate insulation may mean mould issues and possibly structural damage over the years.

You may find that you need to replace the entire roof. With our conservatory insulation system, these issues are all removed, leaving you with a comfortable room which is the perfect temperature all year round, free from the glare of the sun, quiet and condensation-free.

Not only will your home stay beautiful, you will be using less energy and saving more money!

Our multi-foil coverage makes insulating your conservatory roof completely effective, with perfect results every time!

Our insulation for your conservatory roof Lancashire is designed to beautify your home, and save you money! With over 30 years of experience, out professionals are waiting to discuss all your insulation needs.

We specialise in conservatory roof insulation across the UK, helping thousands of families to enjoy their new rooms, no matter what the weather brings. Come rain or shine, your newly insulated conservatory will be the place you want to use all the time! Call 0800 1700 636