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Conservatory Roofs Manchester

 Conservatory Roofs Manchester

Most of us know that one of the best ways to reduce our energy bills is to reduce our energy consumption by installing insulation.

For many people, this means loft insulation, which is certainly one of the most important areas in your home to insulate in order to improve energy efficiency.

However, for truly effective cost savings there are several other parts of the home to consider and one of those most often overlooked is that stunning, value-adding conservatory of yours! That is why conservatory roofs Manchester are such a hot topic for the city and the UK as a whole!

Yes, it can hot-house your flowers and add fantastic, attractive extra space in your home. However, a conservatory can also provide an emergency exit for all that lovely heat you pump into your home during the Winter.

Conservatory roofs Manchester and beyond, unless they’re ultra-new and already fitted with insulation, are often one area of the home which is woefully under-insulated and sadly overlooked. Home Logic Conservatory Insulation is one solution to the problem – but there are several other solutions as well.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the options…

I May be Gone for Some Time, Darling

Conservatories present two problems when it comes to heat; firstly, they can become too hot during heat-waves, and far too cold to use during cold spells.  That “year-round garden room” can be slightly less than year-round thanks to one thing; the British climate.

Unlike the main construction material of your home (stone, brick or concrete) heat will escape rapidly from a conservatory in cold weather.

Unfortunately, this means that the year-round experience that you paid for may well be closed for business for a significant part of the year.

In fact, during the Winter, the ‘hot’ house can soon become a no-go zone which, should you have to enter, it can be wise to inform the family that you “may be gone for some time”.

Heating the conservatory in the Winter – often the only option – is the equivalent to offering the fattest of energy cats the fullest of cream teas at the Ritz. This is why we believe conservatory roofs Manchester is such an important topic of conversation.

Don’t Make Things Unbearable!

In Summer, if the weather is moderate, you’ll get plenty of use from your conservatory. However, as the thermometer rises, you can also find yourself banning more than just the hose-pipes. As temperatures soar, conservatories can become unbearable.

Even with all the doors open they can become heat traps, and some of that heat may well enter the rest of your house. As we all know, five minutes of temperatures over 20ºC has us all passing out and complaining that sleep has fled for good.

Ultimately, the conservatory can be the most unbalanced part of our home; far too cold in Winter, and a heat trap in Summer. So how can you solve the problem and turn your conservatory into a truly usable space all year round? How can conservatory roofs Manchester and beyond get up to scratch?

Luckily, there are several solutions to the problems that conservatories can present. All aim to achieve a little more balance throughout the year – creating a room that is less of a drain on resources, and also more comfortable to live in at any time of year.

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Drastic and Expensive Measures

The first solution, and by far the most expensive option, is to have your old conservatory removed, and install a completely new one. If you pick this option, the best solution is to install a conservatory with a proper roof.

Even then, conservatory roofs Manchester, Lancashire and in the wider UK area are not cheap to replace.

Previously, building regulations and planning laws precluded this option because, unless the conservatory was fully glassed up top, it was subject to building regulations and, occasionally, planning ones too. This put most people off, as it often made the installation as expensive as adding a whole new extension.

Today, the regulations have changed, and a standard, tiled roof to your conservatory with full insulation is permissable in many cases – although it will still be the most expensive option. 

Alternatively you can simply have the old glass roof removed, and a new ‘proper’ roof installed. This is likely to also be a costly option, but will certainly improve the energy efficiency of the conservatory.

However, as with installing a new conservatory, it will also be a more disruptive option. See – conservatory roofs Manchester aren’t as simple as you thought they’d be, right?

Frozen Flooring

Most existing conservatories will have tiled floors of some description.  These can be lovely and cool on an over-heated Summer’s day, but they can give a whole new meaning to the phrase “Mum’s gone to Iceland” in Winter. 

Installing underfloor heating can be an option in some cases – this will make the room relatively safe to enter during those colder months.  The cost will be significant, in many cases, and the work will be pretty disruptive too!

Also, the new underfloor heating will have to work pretty hard – in a traditional conservatory the heat will soon be lost through the UPVC or glass roof. An alternative is lots and lots of thick rugs – which can easily be removed in Summer.

These will not heat the room, of course, but they’ll stop you sticking to the floor on very cold days.

Blinding Solutions

Blinds offer a very low-cost option to the heat management issue. Simple though they are, blinds offer some quick, cost effective solutions to temperature issues at all times of year.

In Summer, they block the blazing sun effectively, and reduce the heat in the conservatory on the hottest days. In winter thicker blinds or curtains can help to keep heat in, providing an extra layer of insulation.

While easy to install on windows, blinds can be less easy to fit to glass roofing panels. Unfortunately, heat has a bad habit of rising and, in the Summer, the sun will beat down through these rooftop panels, so it will be essential to pay attention to roof panelling if you choose this simple option.

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Conservatory Roofs Manchester

Simple Insulation Solutions

In recent years, a final solution that falls somewhere between a complete replacement conservatory, and having the existing one re-roofed has become increasingly popular – and that is insulation.

Rather than removing the old glass or UPVC panels, layers of insulation can be added to existing structures.  This is much easier than replacement conservatory roofs Manchester based services in general!

This will block some light from the room (as would having a proper roof installed) but it is one of the most cost-effective alternatives – and also one of the best for managing those bills. Home Logic Conservatory Insulation will, in most cases, be around 50% cheaper than having a new conservatory installed.

How Does It Work?

Home Logic Conservatory Insulation is a two-pronged attack on the problem of wasted energy when it comes to your conservatory. The bottom line here is that insulation helps to retain heat during colder periods, and protect against too much heat during the occasional heatwave. 

Insulation balances out the extremes and – an important point – makes that extra space in your home highly functional throughout the year. Bright and airy, but temperate, in summer and cosy and pleasant during the long dark days of winter.  As win-win situations go, that’s got to be a good one.

Overall, the biggest issue is heat loss from the conservatory in Winter.  Even if it’s shut off from the rest of the house, small gaps in windows and doors will inevitably lead to draughts which can send shivers down your spine and have you turning up that thermostat. Ensuring that you maintain an ambient temperature throughout the whole of the property – including that conservatory – will help to minimise energy use throughout the year. Ultimately, it makes sense, especially if the rest of your home is well insulated – why let all that stored heat sneak out through the not-so-hot-house?

What is Home Logic Conservatory Insulation Made Of?

Home Logic Conservatory Insulation is a simple system that is made up of layers of aluminium, wadding and foam, and incorporates air pockets to form a viable, effective insulation and vapour control layer to conservatory roofs in Manchester and beyond.

One of the potential problems in adding a layer of insulation to your glass-roofed conservatory is the possibility that condensation will form on the glass, and damage the insulation and cladding layers below.

The incorporation of air pockets helps to minimise any potential problems from condensation, and our system prevents 91% of heat loss through your conservatory roof – creating a truly year-round garden room for your home.

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Space Age Solutions on a Small Scale

Home Logic Conservatory Insulation is a material that was originally developed by NASA for the Apollo missions as a form of insulation. These days it’s more commonly used on conservatories, and slightly less on manned missions to the moon.

The construction of the material is simple, and it’s easy and fast to install, which means that costs are very competitive compared to the alternative options – like a whole new conservatory roof Manchester based solution.

Installing any kind of new insulation on your conservatory roof will also offer several additional benefits which – although small – can be significant. These are outlined below:

  • Those endless summers of our childhood (and/or fairy tales) do come around once in a while, but for much of the year, let’s be honest; it rains. For those who have tried to spend a relaxing afternoon in the conservatory during a downpour, the pitter-patter of torrential rain soon becomes intolerable. Insulation has the added benefit of creating a layer of sound-proofing – making the room even more usable than ever before!
  • Many conservatories are overlooked by neighbouring properties. In most cases, relaxing in your living room doesn’t run the risk of the nosier variety of neighbour spying on you from above. This can be a problem in some conservatories but with a fully insulated conservatory comes an additional layer of privacy!
  • Another small, but often significant benefit, is that your insulated conservatory will look far more like a “real” room. This is one of the benefits of having a conservatory in the first place but a newly insulated structure will both look and feel more cosier than before. A small advantage that may grow to significant proportions if you’re looking to sell your home.

Home Logic – Conservatory Roofs Manchester

Whatever your conservatory roofs Manchester covering plans are, we’d be happy to discuss them in more detail. We can give you an idea of pricing for most conservatories, and we’ve plenty of experience in insulating a range of structures of different shapes and sizes.

We offer a free site survey which helps us to understand your needs, and allows us to provide an accurate quotation, with no obligation at all.

For any enquiries, call our helpful representatives on 0800 1700 636, or email us at survey@homelogic.co.uk. We’ll get back to you at a time that’s convenient for you – and your conservatory roofs Manchester based requirements!

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