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Flat Roof & Conservatory Roofs

Can a Conservatory Be Built With a Solid Roof?

In 2010, changes in UK law allowed homeowners to have a solid roof on their conservatory. So, to answer the question can a conservatory be built with a solid roof, the simple answer is yes.  However, there are certain stipulations that still apply.

We explore the key criterion for solid roof installation, as well as the innovative conservatory roof alternatives that are set to transform conservatory temperature for good...

What are the Latest Conservatory Guidelines?

According to guidelines released by the Department for Communities and Local Governments, a conservatory has to meet the following criteria:

– Your conservatory must be at ground level
– The floor cannot exceed 30 m2
– The glass used needs to comply with parts K4, K5.1, K5.2, K 5.3, and K 5.4
– The conservatory must be thermally separated
– The house’s central heating system cannot extend into your conservatory.

In addition to these criteria, you must also meet other conditions.

You can check the planning portal website for more in-depth information on the latest conservatory requirements.

Benefits of a Solid Roof

If your conservatory has a glass roof, you are probably facing one of the most common conundrums among homeowners: how to control conservatory temperature.

Installing a solid roof comes with many benefits. In addition to temperature control, a solid roof helps with noise reduction as well.

But the primary goal of installing a solid roof is keeping your conservatory cool in the Summer, and warm in the Winter.

By installing a solid roof, you also change the main use of your conservatory. You can now use it as an office, playroom, or even as a bedroom!

If you are still unsure if we fully answered the question: – can a conservatory be built with a solid roof? – please read on:


Installing conservatory roof insulation is quick, simple, and can easily be completed by a professional and reputable company to an impressively high standard!

The Best Option for Your Conservatory Roof

The best way to improve your conservatory roof is to install insulation. But what are the benefits of having conservatory roof insulation installed?

For starters, insulation is suitable for every kind of conservatory.

The materials used for insulation are lightweight, which means they can fit into the existing structure, without requiring alteration.

Installing insulation is quick, and can easily be completed by a professional and reputable company.

But the most important aspect is that you improve the U-value of your home.

Adequate conservatory roof insulation keeps your additional room comfortable, all year round.


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How Conservatory Insulation System Creates Comfortable Conditions

That being said, let’s take a look at the solution we offer. You can say that this insulation is out of this world-quite literally!

After all, NASA used the same system for their Apollo space missions. The goal was to protect spaceships from the extreme temperatures that are experienced in outer space.

That same system has been adapted, and adjusted to accommodate residential conservatory roofs.

So…what exactly is Home Logic Conservatory Roof Insulation System, and why is it proving so popular?

In short, it’s a six layer professionally designed insulation system that ensures ambient temperatures, all year round.

A warm and welcoming room to relax in?

Home Logic Conservatory Insulation’s got it covered.

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