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Contemporary Front Doors Hampshire & Dorset

contemporary front doors hampshire

Simple, smart, and stylish, contemporary front doors Hampshire services set the tone for your interior space, without denting your budget to do so.

Unlike in previous times, when colour options were limited, the choices on offer today are truly staggering-ranging from traditional navy and white to bold, dynamic designs. 

A highly durable option, the practical advantages of this door type match its eye-catching aesthetics, resulting in a robust and resilient door that fares well in all types of weather.

Given our rainy climate, the durability of uPVC makes it an ideal alternative to wood, which is prone to rotting and warping.

While timber is undeniably attractive to homeowners, it requires ongoing varnishing and treatment to protect it from the worst of the weather. 

Whether you`re seeking to replace your door, or revamp your existing entranceway, we talk you through the options on offer, cost considerations and prices, as well as some handy tips and advice for sourcing a trustworthy firm for your install...

I am Seeking to Upgrade My Door-What are My Options for Colour and Customisation?

As the main feature for welcoming visitors, a polished, presentable entranceway adds significant kerb appeal.

The diversity of designs on offer suit both historic and modern properties, enabling you to add to the existing aesthetics, rather than detracting from the visual appeal. 

For those with period properties, the emergence of wood grain effects is an exciting development for doors.

Rather than resigning yourself to ongoing maintenance, you can have the best of both worlds, enjoying the authentic appearance of wood, minus the constant issues with upkeep. 

Based on the variety of options on offer, taking time to ponder your decision can help you reflect on what`s best for your home, while remaining in the remit of your budget.

Typically, white uPVC is the cheapest option on offer, with doors ranging between 700-1000 on average depending on size and chosen design.

If you opt for frosted glazing effects or intricate detailing on the glass, these will both add to the price. 

Other additions, such as knockers and letterboxes, should also be factored into decision-making, with elegant brass fixtures and fittings providing a complement to neutral colours. 

If the options seem overwhelming, you can arrange a chat with a supplier to explore the range in detail, and source the right solution for your home.

What are the Main Advantages of uPVC Entrance Doors?

Combining affordability and versatility, uPVC entrance doors can instantly upgrade your exterior.

In most cases, your brand new entrance door can be installed in less than a day, with the ubiquity of the source materials simplifying the purchasing process.

Alongside the budget-friendly perks of this door type, several, noteworthy benefits that warrant further attention...


If you live on a busy main thoroughfare, or in a dense, urban area, keeping unwelcome intruders at bay is a top priority.

With this in mind, uPVC entrance doors provide a smart solution-not only do they come fitted with high-security locks, the choices for customisation can provide additional peace of mind.

Multi-point locking systems are perfect in this respect; as they integrate into the framework and provide a lock at several touchpoints, you can rest assured that your property is properly protected from the outset!


A warm and welcoming home creates a safe space to relax in, helping you unwind from the demands of the day in a soothing, spacious environment.

Due to their thermally efficient profiles, Upvc entrance doors will keep your interior sufficiently sealed, reducing uncomfortable chills and cold spots.

Consequently, heat will remain retained in your home, rather than compromised by unexpected draughts. 

Additionally, their heat retention capacities offer an extra boon for your energy bills; by keeping heat trapped in your home, the need to twiddle with the thermostat will also be greatly reduced, helping you achieve an ambient temperature. 


As a refuge from the outside world, a quiet, peaceful home remains of utmost importance. Incessant noise pollution can take its toll on mental health, resulting in recurrent bouts of insomnia.

Thankfully, the architecture of uPVC doors lends itself well to sound insulation. Its multi-chambered profile design, combined with its ultra-tight seal, reduces airborne sound transmission, helping you benefit from a quieter home. Bliss! 

Desperate for a statement entranceway that keeps costs in check? uPVC entrance doors are a distinguished, low-cost alternative to traditional timber frames.

To explore your options in detail, simply call 0800 1700 636.