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Spray Foam Insulation

Converting a Garage into a Room

converting a garage into a room

Across the UK, for those of us who do not require a secure parking space, the garages attached to our homes are often just used as storage space.

Everything from Christmas decorations and bicycles, to wholesale bought groceries and a work bench (that has never been used) are some of the more common sights.

If the aforementioned applies to you, it may be worth considering converting your garage into an extension of the habitable space within your home. Converting a garage into a room couldn’t be easier than with us here at Home Logic!

Garage conversions have many great benefits, including increasing your property’s value, and giving you extra space in your living quarters.

However, there are many technical aspects to consider before you begin painting the walls and transforming your garage into an extra bedroom, study, nursery or something else.

In this article, we give you the lowdown on enhancing your garage, and how insulation ensures comfortable conditions inside…

Let the Room Breathe!

As garages are air-tight and not purpose built with a future conversion in mind, the quality of the ventilation is usually poor. Due to this pitfall, spending extended periods of time in a garage can be quite uncomfortable, as condensation becomes an issue.

The walls and surfaces can feel moist, and when condensation levels are higher, it can result in mould or damp.

Installing a window and opening it when required can mediate the issue temporarily, but this method of controlling condensation is a nuisance, as you will have to frequently make yourself available to open the window.

Forgetting to do so could result in mould build up in your new spare bedroom. A garage roof conversion, however, will allow for adequate ventilation.

Consistent Temperature All Year Round

A conservatory or orangery is another popular way for people to add more space to their homes, but there are some inevitable liabilities.

Conservatories and orangeries are usually inadequately ventilated and insulated, resulting in poor regulation of temperature.This leads to increased heating bills as the low-quality insulation allows for warmth to exit the structure.

The warmth your home is capable of generating is at risk of exiting through the ceiling as a result of insufficient or impaired insulation.

Applying Home Logic Spray Foam (a modern garage roof insulation solution), will save you money, deter heat from leaving the building, and lower your energy usage as well.

Considering going ahead and converting a garage into a room? For you or your family to enjoy? One of our expert team members will be delighted to discuss this further with you. Simply sign up for a free site survey to be informed of the various insulation options available.

Keep the Noise Out and In!

Britain is well known for it’s persistently rainy climate, which not only puts paid to many a plan, but compromises conservatories as well.

The pelting raindrops hit the glass, and make an echo of noise which can make getting to sleep decidedly difficult. Glass walls are also notoriously poor at keeping noise out, so you’ll have everything from the neighbour’s cat to the bin men disturbing your rest.

Garage roofs are also quite penetrable to the sound of rain. The rain clatters against the surface of the roof and would be really noticeable in any kind of room conversion.

Thankfully, Home Logic Spray Foam will quash both the effects and the sound of British weather. So converting a garage into a room is the wiser choice in many cases, when compared with the alternative materials available.

Home Logic Spray foam is an innovative insulation product, creating a superior seal, that virtually eliminates all leaks-and is perfectly suited to marine applications as well!

Be Comfy With Your Conversion

Whilst having the benefit of extra storage space via a garage is useful, transforming the space into a room in which treasured memories can be made in is far more appealing.

Imagine having more room to play family games, enjoy homemade cuisine, and even entertain in if you so desire.

Continue reading to learn how to adapt your garage into an inviting additional quarter of your home, without breaking the bank balance in the process…

Insulate that Space Baby!

When planning a garage conversion, ensure your prospective windows are at least double glazed, and you have a plan for appropriate insulation.

If you wish to not be paying over the odds to heat the room but still remain comfortable, it is an absolute necessity that you stop up to 25% of the room’s heat from exiting through the roof.

This can be achieved fast and affordably by simply applying spray foam insulation to the roof. Converting a garage into a room is all about focusing on warmth and making the environment as comfortable as possible.

At Home Logic, we are industry experts keen to inform as many people as possible about our ground-breaking product.

Home Logic Spray foam is an innovative insulation product, creating a superior seal, that virtually eliminates all leaks.

If the above has intrigued you, and you would like to know more without paying a penny, you can request a free no-obligation quote any time.

We’ll send a trusted member of our friendly team to drop by your location, and determine what the cost would be to adequately insulate your garage roof. You’re then free to have a chat with our colleague, and consider the options available, and which one would best suit your needs.

Consider Some Fitted Blinds?

Installing blinds instantly changes the mood of a room for the better, making the room feel more enclosed, less empty and less exposed. The privacy blinds give quickly help a room feel homelier, but they also offer some fantastic technical benefits too.

Although quite costly, having blinds professionally measured and fitted can be a great way to stop heat from escaping the room via the windows.

As garages are commonly the coldest part of a home, applying as many heat loss prevention measures as possible is important to make you feel most at home.

garage spray-foam insulation converting a garage into a room

Here at Home Logic, we find that spray foam insulation is the best product to use for achieving the most effective results for regulating temperature. It is also worth consider purchasing a nice, practical rug for additional warmth, and further improving the cosmetic look of the room

Accessorise as Much as Possible!

Accessorising a room allows you to put your own spin on it, and instantly detract anyone inside from the knowledge that they are stood in a former garage.

Simple changes to a room’s aesthetics can give the space a whole new mood or feel.

There are many different ways you can achieve this. Introducing new furniture, colours, fabrics and lighting can all hugely alter the appearance of a room. Wall hangings, canvasses and paintings are exciting alternatives to wallpaper, and adding plants can help make a room more at one with nature.

Keep Your Toes Warm!

Nothing makes a room feel less homely than having to wear two pairs of socks and slippers to keep your feet warm. It doesn’t have to be this way though.

Carefully choosing a floor material, and applying an adequate floor insulation solution can help keep your feet warm and the room comfortable to be in.

converting a garage into a room

We believe that with the help of our team of trusted experts, we can take all the hassle off your hands and proudly put it in our control. There’s no need to lift a finger and you can watch as the results are shown before your very eyes!

Converting a Garage into a Room with Home Logic

As is the case with most large scale home-improvement projects, the time it takes and the cost involved puts many people off the prospect.

Converting a space such as a garage into a liveable room is more than a quick trip to the DIY store for supplies; it takes time, patience and, ultimately, experience.

If you want a job doing properly, give it to a reliable and experienced person. We work up and down the country, and are busy at the best of times – and busy means experienced!

Trusted and Reliable Experts

We believe that with the help of our team of trusted experts, we can take all the hassle off your hands and proudly put it in our control. There’s no need to lift a finger and you can watch as the results are shown before your very eyes!

We know how important it is to have a successful home-improvement installation, so we would like to guarantee you that result by allowing us to do all the work.

The Easiest Way of Converting a Garage into a Room

The goal is to treat each project as an individual dream, in the eyes of the property owner, and make that dream come true. It’s that attitude that has kept us going for over 30 years with no plan on stopping!

Make your dreams a reality today, and start to reap the benefits of Home Logic Spray Foam for many years to come!

Contact Home Logic and Get Converting!

The most important aspect of converting a garage into a room is installing adequate roof insulation.

That’s why converting a garage into a room is so easy with Home Logic! We acknowledge over 25% of your homes internal warmth is under risk of exiting through a poorly insulated ceiling.

Transforming your tired, unused garage into a room you can be proud of is easier than ever before. Pick up the phone and give us a quick call on 0800 1700 636 to chat with one of our expert insulation specialists.