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Cost of External House Insulation

cost of external house insulation

It’s easy to scrimp on home insulation by running down to a hardware store and buying the cheapest rolls of fibreglass insulation to stuff them into your wall cavities and lie them beneath the floorboards of your loft.

Even if you have expensive modern insulation installed in your home, your external walls could be betraying its effectiveness, by allowing moisture to pass through and embedding damp within it.

Just 5% of damp within a surface compromises its thermal resistance by 50%, so it’s easy to see how many homeowners hinder their insulation without ever meaning to.

The cost of external home insulation is easily earnt back in the efficiency payback from your internal insulation solution, and is well worth considering.

How It Works

Home Logic External House Insulation is a chemical mix that is sprayed onto brickwork or masonry. Despite these surfaces seeming impenetrable, they actually absorb water and moisture, alongside other airborne pollutants, such as dirt and oil.

Once thoroughly cleaned, and the Home Logic External House Insulation sprayed on, it penetrates up to 17mm into the surface, and forms a protective barrier against moisture and other materials from passing through. This improves the thermal efficiency of the surface, by keeping it dry and clean.

cost of external house insulation

Home Logic External House Insulation has been proven to improve hydrothermal performance not just on bricks, but also concrete, mortar and sandstone, all to EN ISO 15148:2002 industry best practice standards


Once the Home Logic External House Insulation has been applied, substances such as dirt are unable to adhere to the surface any longer, and wash off naturally with water.

This means that as soon as it rains, any residual materials slide right off, keeping your exterior walls looking fresh, without any embedded or accumulated grot from detracting from their visual appeal.


Not detracting from the natural breathability of masonry, a degree of air will still be able to pass through, and allow the bricks to ‘breathe’ as they should, so as not to compromise the structural properties, or thermal conductivity of the walls.

With such improved hydrothermal performance of your walls and the extra benefits of self-cleaning and natural breathability, it’s easy to understand how the cost of external house insulation soon pays off.

cost of external house insulation

Home Logic External House Insulation installers will only carry out and recommend work suitable for your property and circumstances, and will strive to stick strictly to budgets and timelines agreed with the property owner

Expert Technicians

The specialist technicians who install Home Logic External House Insulation are highly accredited and qualified. They carry out much more work than just chemical spraying; priming and protecting your walls in several stages, before any spray is even applied.

Walls are pressure washed to remove any accumulated dirt before any areas of algae and moss are treated with fungicide. If there are any cracks in the wall, these are ground and filled, and any damaged or degraded render repaired.

Everything is fixed to look as consistent as possible with the original aesthetic of the walls. Any areas not to be sprayed (doors, windows, guttering) are covered with protective masking before a priming coat is added and finally, the Home Logic External House Insulation sprayed on.

Accredited and Recommended

Of course, with this amount of work being carried out, only the most experienced of tradespeople should be employed for the job.

Home Logic External House Insulation expert technicians are not only accredited by the British Board of Agrement, and have a 9.5 out of 10 rating on review site TrustPilot!

Technicians will explain every step of the process, and visit your home for a free, no-obligation home inspection to determine the suitability of Home Logic External House Insulation for your property before anything at all is agreed to.

Desperately seeking a failproof investment for your property? External house insulation provides a cleverly cost-effective solution to weatherproofing your home. Discover more of the benefits of this multi-purpose product by calling 0800 1700 636, or by clicking the button below.