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Create The Ultimate Sound Recording Studio With Spray Foam

Create The Ultimate Sound Recording Studio With Spray Foam

Producing music has never been a cheap hobby or profession. A session in a good recording studio is very likely going to set you back around £200.

But what about building your own?

Creating a recording studio at home gives you the freedom to turn a hobby into a profession, or just have the luxury of recording when and how you want, without any restrictions.

Setting up your own recording studio may seem like a costly business, but when you create the ultimate sound recording studio with spray foam, you give yourself the best head start for an affordable studio with excellent soundproofing

What Makes Spray Foam Ideal For A Home Recording Studio?

The energy-saving benefits of spray foam insulation are normally at the forefront of people’s minds when they think of the potential of spray foam. However, the abilities and potential of spray foam insulation go much further.

The insulation is able to stop the passage of air, and at the same time, the passage of sound. This means less noise from neighbours and street sounds, but also the ability to create a room that is ideal for use as a recording studio.

There are four key things that you need to achieve to set up a home recording studio that is as soundproof as possible:

• Decoupling
• Damping
• Density
• Air Gap Removal

The amazing qualities of spray foam insulation mean that it’s very good at achieving all four areas, with a high-quality end result that will give you a recording studio to be proud of.

The application of spray foam onto the walls provides the initial density required to prevent the vibration of sound energy from ruining the quality of your recording. When the spray foam is applied behind panels on the wall, it also delivers a dampening effect by adding an additional sound barrier.

Having double walls, with insulation in between, makes sure that all air gaps are filled, and also helps with decoupling. This blocks sound transfer, containing the sound and helping to amplify it in the recording studio.

Create The Ultimate Sound Recording Studio With Spray Foam

With spray foam insulation, you can achieve the sound recording studio of your dreams. You could even use the foam to achieve a floating floor to help with decoupling-the possibilities are pretty much endless!

Where Else Can Spray Foam Be Used In A Recording Studio?

While spray foam insulation behind panels on the wall can achieve exceptional soundproofing, it can also be used in other areas of the room.

The flexible installation of spray foam means that it can easily be applied to the floor and ceiling of a recording studio, no matter the shape and style of the room.

With spray foam you can really get creative with the end result of your studio. You could even use the spray foam to create a floating floor to help with decoupling – there are endless possibilities.

Additional Advantages Of Spray Foam Insulation

When you install spray foam in your home, you also get to enjoy the additional benefits, above and beyond the sound-proofing side of the residential and commercial insulation.

These benefits will help to make your home more comfortable and stay much warmer for longer periods of time.

Some of the main benefits of using spray foam insulation, include:

 Minimal space use
 Improved air quality
 Lower energy bills
 Increased heat retention
 Improved comfort
 Better structural security
 Peace of mind with a 25-year manufacturer warranty

Create The Ultimate Sound Recording Studio With Spray Foam

Whether you're the next Tina Turner, or simply a karaoke convert, spray foam will help to soundproof your inside space (and keep neighbourly complaints at bay!)

Spray Foam Insulation: Far From A One Trick Pony!

While spray foam insulation can’t give you a pop-up recording studio, with all the essential recording equipment, it can create a fantastic environment for recording. In recent years, the uses of spray foam insulation have started to get more and more diverse.

From top residential insulation, to insulation for large and small boats, and even as a prime choice for restaurants and commercial buildings, spray foam insulation certainly isn’t just reserved for cavity walls!

Thanks to the flexibility of spray foam, and its ability to expand to fit any space, it has become a leading choice of insulation for all manner of projects – including recording studio use.

Home Logic – Insulation Solutions For Every Room!

Ready to realise your home recording studio dream, and think spray foam insulation is right for you?

At Home Logic, we can provide a helping hand with any spray foam insulation project, from whole-house insulation to isolated recording studio insulation.

Our expert team will work alongside you, helping you to achieve a more energy efficient home, and a better quality of sound proofing. For all your spray foam insulation needs, give us a call today on 0800 1700 636.