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Disadvantages Of Structural Insulated Panels: All You Need To Know

disadvantages of Structural Insulated Panels

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are now frequently chosen for insulation within homes or as part of the actual wall structure.

Made up of cement particle board or engineered wood-based sheets, two sheets of the main material are sandwiched with a rigid insulation product as polyurethane.

Despite fast becoming the mainstream insulation product, the disadvantages of structural insulated panels may mean they shouldn’t be your default ‘go-to’ choice when it comes to protecting your home. Here’s why…

Disadvantages Of Structural Insulated Panels #1: Pests

The nature of the boards used to construct Structural Insulated Panels means that pests are sometimes able to burrow through them and in some cases, use them as a foodstuff.

In order to combat unwanted visitors to the home, Structural Insulated Panels can be sprayed with insecticides and other such chemicals such as boric acid. However, this does involve bringing chemicals – that can be toxic – into the home, and allowing them to off-gas as they age.

Solution: Icynene spray foam insulation is an industrial foam that does not deteriorate over time and does not require any insecticides to be applied: as its chemical make-up is entirely non-toxic and will naturally not become a foods tuff for pests.

In conjunction with this, spray foam insulation seals up all gaps and points of entry to the property for pests – so there’s simply no way for them to get in!

Disadvantages Of Structural Insulated Panels #2: Moisture And Damp

Structural Insulated Panels, particularly those made with engineered wooden material, can bridge moisture (from rainwater, leaks and residual moisture in the air) into the home. Damp surfaces can be crippling to the structure of a property and are extremely costly and difficult to repair.

In many circumstances, the affected surfaces need to be removed and re-built.

Damp surfaces also act as the perfect breeding ground for mould. Mould is unsightly, but also releases allergens and irritable spores into the air, affecting air quality, and causing illness.

Solution: Spray foam insulation does not absorb moisture, and so will never bridge damp into the home. Instead, water stays on the property’s exterior and is unable to pass through. This water-tight seal keeps the home dry and cosy.

disadvantages of Structural Insulated Panels

Spray foam insulation can be applied by any accredited technician – and Home Logic has teams of technicians available throughout the UK

Disadvantages Of Structural Insulated Panels #3: Shaping

Structural Insulated Panels need to be cut and shaped bespoke to your property’s features, and the shape must be perfect down to the centimetre. The panels must fit around wiring, windows, doors and any other anomalies that don’t give a perfectly smooth wall.

This is reflected in the cost of Structural Insulated Panels alongside the wait time to have them installed – and if there’s an error made, the process needs to take place all over again.

Solution: Icynene spray foam insulation is an industrial foam that expands as it enters the atmosphere to develop and fill the space around it. This allows this multi-purpose product to reach spots that can’t be easily done so by human hands, or even seen, sealing them off regardless of normal access.

Disadvantages Of Structural Insulated Panels #4: Lack Of Tradespeople

Structural Insulated Panels cannot just be bought off the shelf, and so require specialist tradespeople with measuring and cutting equipment before the installation job is even carried out. This can be extremely costly, and also decidedly difficult to find.

Solution: Spray foam insulation can be applied by any accredited technician – and Home Logic has teams of technicians available throughout the UK.

The British Board of Agrement (BBA: the UKAS standard for the construction and home improvement industry in the UK) certify Home Logic’s technicians as experts, and customers of the firm have lauded their service on review website TrustPilot. Reviews include:

“The fitter was only happy if I was, and hard work was the name of his game. Not only was he intelligent, caring and thoroughly professional, he was capable, resourceful and patiently willing to explain each step.”

“We are very pleased with the loft insulation, excellent service from David and Alan who came and explained about Icynene and how it works. The two gentlemen who installed the Icynene worked hard and left the place clean and tidy. The aftercare has been excellent even to keeping their promise to come back and look at the completed job.”

“We found the two men that carried out the work in the loft efficient, clean and tidy. They made sure that dust sheets were fitted all the way along the landing area, and staircase. They were very pleasant and arrived on time.”

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