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Do I Need to Insulate My Basement Walls?

Do I Need to insulate my basement

Ever find yourself asking the question – do I need to insulate my basement walls?  In an era of energy price hikes, considering whether your existing insulation is functioning effectively is paramount-and can ultimately save you money.

Let’s imagine the outside temperature is -5°C on a blistering cold Winter’s day. Ground temperature below the frost line is around 10°C, and the temperature in your toasty house is around 20°C.

As we all know, heat travels from warmer areas to cooler areas, therefore your conditioned heat will travel to colder areas of your house – i.e. the basement or loft.

Your basement will then slowly radiate heat into the soil outside, through its concrete walls. This thermal bridging will happen aggressively too as the heat attempts to reach the -5°C air outside.

Even in the warmer months of Summer, ground level below 4 feet tends to stay around the 10°C mark, meaning the soil outside your basement walls is colder than your interior.

Do I Need to insulate my basement

Do I Need to Insulate My Basement Walls?

With all that has been said above, absolutely, yes! Your basement could be losing huge amounts of heat all year round, causing you to rely more on your thermostat to keep your home warm.

This of course uses more energy, which ultimately makes a big impact on your back pocket.

Insulation your basement walls will supply a fantastic payback and return on your investment, especially in larger properties.

An insulated basement is undeniably more energy efficient. This procedure traps heat within, and repels moisture effectively.

How Much Heat is My Basement Losing?

Potentially – quite a lot! Concrete and rubble have incredibly poor insulating qualities. Heat travels through them like Usain Bolt across a clay track.

In fact, these materials are no better than a single pane of glass when it comes to keeping heat within a property.

If your basement was above ground you wouldn’t think twice about insulation.

Do I need to insulate my basement walls wouldn’t even be a question if this was the case – you would simply have the work done.

Do I Need to insulate my basement

How to Insulate a Basement

Basement walls can be insulated from either inside or outside. Of course, insulating a basement from the outside is not usually possible if the construction has already taken place. This process is usually performed at the construction stage and involves applying a protective coating to the outside surface.

The coating prevents moisture gain and prevents thermal bridging through the concrete walls. Interior insulation is perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective option when it comes to insulating a basement.

If your basement has already been built, then in most cases, this will be your only option.

In either case, we always recommend choosing a trusted, reliable and proven supplier of insulation services to ensure the highest quality of results.

You can obtain a no-obligation free quote today to discover how spray foam can benefit you and your property, for years to come.