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Does The Choice Of Pattern and Colour Affect The Final Price I Pay?

Does The Choice Of Pattern and Colour Affect The Final Price?

Having a new driveway installed is one of those big home improvements that delivers a major impact on the aesthetics of a home and the practicality of a property. 

The home improvement is in the same vein as kitchen renovations and loft conversions, both in the sense of how it changes a property and when you’re looking at cost influencers.

For a kitchen renovation, choosing a marble work top is going to be more expensive but look amazing, while for a loft conversion, adding a window to the loft is going to cost more but greatly improve the living environment.  

When it comes to driveways, colour and pattern are two design choices that are going to play a big role in the look of the driveway after it has been complete. But like additional extras for kitchens and lofts, does the choice of pattern and colour affect the final price I pay?

It’s a very important question, where the answer largely depends on the type of driveway that you choose…

Does Colour and Pattern Influence the Price of a Driveway?

For some driveway varieties, like ashpalt, there isn’t really much room to adjust the basic design; the colour is pretty much the same on all ashpalt driveways and there’s no main pattern. 

However, for other driveways, the options for colours and patterns are substantial. Some driveway materials allow you to create a completely bespoke finish. Where there is an option to go bespoke, there is almost always some price variations. 

So, to answer the main question, yes, colour and pattern can influence the price. The influence that colour and pattern has on price isn’t always great, sometimes it can just be a few extra pence per metre.

Here’s how you can cut costs with patterns and colours or increase your overall driveway cost by going premium:

Does The Choice Of Pattern and Colour Affect The Final Price?

For resin bound driveways, your choice of driveway edging may influence the cost. A beautifully patterned edging will cost more than standard off-the-shelf edging designs

Colour of Materials

Material colour can occasionally increase the cost of driveways, but it doesn’t always. If you opt for driveway pavers, for example, then you may get a variety of colours to choose from at the same price point. 

However, there will often be options for other colours that may cost more to produce or to source. This can also be the case for concrete staining, where a bespoke colour could cost you a lot more.

For driveways made from stones, the mixture of stones that you choose will determine the overall price. Again, there will be cheaper options and premium options. 

This is the cases for the highly popular resin driveway; there are a lot of stone choices, but they come at different price points. 

Driveway Patterns

The cost of patterns can have some influence on driveway cost. If you choose a pattern imprinted concrete driveway instead of a standard concrete driveway, for example, the cost will increase. 

For pavers, the cost may start to increase if you go for a complex design or choose a different shaped paver. Production and installation costs may start to increase in the event of bespoke layouts. 

Does The Choice Of Pattern and Colour Affect The Final Price?

Do colours and patterns cost more? For the most part, yes. Is it worth paying out a little extra to get the right look for your home? Always!

Is It Worth Paying More for Better Patterns and Colours?

Adding off-street parking to your home is a beneficial investment whether you opt for the standard concrete driveway or something a little bit more exciting. However, a patterned or coloured driveway is going to improve your home exterior much more than a standard concrete or ashpalt driveway.

Some premium patterns and colours may not be worth the price and you may find that they don’t really match your home, but that won’t be the case for all of them.

If you opt for a resin driveway, for example, then you have a range of beautifully coloured stones at many price points, so you’re always going to be able to find a great match without blowing your budget.

With resin, you can also get a proper feel for the end look before construction has even begun, so you’ll be able to tell if the design is right for you.

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