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Double Glazing Hampshire Services: How to Get the Best Deal

Double Glazing Hampshire

When it comes to upgrading your home, getting the very best deal for your windows remains a top priority.

Although property improvements are often costly, knowing the right questions to ask can earn you a significant discount.

For experienced DIYers, supply only window options can keep costs in check, leaving you with money to allocate elsewhere.

However, for the majority of us, a supply and fit glazing service offers peace of mind, removing the risk of botched installations.

With the above in mind, here are several, simple suggestions to keep your project in budget and secure a cracking deal for your glazing...

Top Tip No. 1: Opt for a Whole House Upgrade

For many homeowners, upgrading windows in stages seems like an affordable solution. You stagger the overall costs rather than overextending yourself at the beginning.

Although this seems like a logical plan, it can cost you far more in the long run. Instead of staggering your project, consider a whole house upgrade.

If you opt to go down this route, you are likely to weedle a discount-especially if you press ahead within a relatively short space of time.

Another benefit of a whole house upgrade is that it minimises inconvenience-prepwork will be a one-off event, rather than an ongoing task. Perfect!

Top Tip No. 2: Book Your Install in Slow Seasons

Every business goes in peaks and troughs, with specific seasons in the year when work is slower than usual.

Like tourism, the double glazing industry also has its low season, where discounts are ripe for the taking.

In the industry late Winter is notably slower, making it the perfect time of the year to negotiate a good deal for your glazing.

Put simply, suppliers will be keen to court your business; if you are thinking of updating your glazing, they will often get sharp with their pencils.

The only minor challenge in Winter is the weather, although this is never usually an issue.

As Winter is a quieter period, you have far more flexibility in terms of appointments as well. 

Top Tip No. 3: Keep it Simple, Save Some Pounds

If you are dazzled by distinctive designs, or complex, colour combinations, you will pay far more for your glazing.

While these features are certainly attractive, they can eat away at your budget, leaving you with minimal leeway and leverage for other interior improvements.

If you are serious about saving some cash and prepared to compromise on your plans, simpler window styles are often considerably cheaper.

Traditional, casement windows are a highly affordable option, making them ideal for a whole house replacement.

By opting for standard colours, you can easily stick to your budget and have a little leftover for extras. 

Top Tip No. 4: Get Your Haggle On!

Desperate to upgrade your windows, but alarmed by the quotes you received? All is not as it seems and if you`ve got the gift of the gab, you might be nicely surprised!

In most cases, companies actually expect you to haggle. The price they quote you for your windows is simply a bargaining tool that can be worked to your advantage.

Writing a complimentary review can work things out in your favour-your installer will be grateful for the positive publicity and will (most likely) shave a few hundred pounds of your price in response!

A few word of mouth recommendations to others will also be greatly appreciated, earning you a discount on future purchases as a loyal customer of the firm.

Top Tip No. 5: Source Several Quotes in Advance

Before making a big-money purchase, it`s essential to shop around to get the very best deal on offer. Although it takes a bit of legwork, you should aim, ideally, to get three or four quotes from local suppliers.

This will give you an accurate overview of the costs, and how prices tend to compare. Better still, a selection of local quotes will help you enter appointments with confidence.

You`ll know the score and have an understanding of the going rate for different products and services. If you want to go one step further, discuss the quotes with suppliers.

Unless the prices are ridiculously low, they will often undercut them in a bid to win your custom. Simply whip out your quotes, and watch their prices drop!

Ready to take the next step for ? Our team of glazing experts have years` of experience between them, offering an affordable, install service with a 25-year guarantee. Simply call 0800 1700 636 to get started today!