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Double Glazing Installation Problems: 4 Fast Fixes

double glazing installation problems

As a popular property improvement, upgrading your double glazing should be a relatively hassle-free experience.

If you have your designs in mind, and a few free dates in your diary, even a whole house of windows can be installed in less than two days.

However, for some unfortunate homeowners, their double glazing installs fail to deliver results.

Knowing these problems in advance (and the key causes behind them) can minimise the risk of mistakes-or a botched installation attempt that is costly and challenging to fix.

To put your mind to rest, we`ve compiled a list of the common double glazing mishaps and the factors behind these frustrations...

Double Glazing Installation Problems and Solutions

No. 1: The Handles and Hinges are Loose From the Frame

The handles and hinges on your windows should remain strong, sturdy and secure.

However, for some homeowners, sporadically sticky hinges become permanent problems. Issues with opening your windows arise for one of three reasons:

  • The mechanism has stiffened up over time
  • The lock has been wrongly installed
  • The hinges have become detached from the frame


Thankfully, the majority of D.I.Y stores stock a selection of tools to fix things-a simple tightening or adjustment may be all that`s needed.

If the problem persists, the company that installed the windows should replace the mechanism for free.

No. 2: Condensation is Still an Issue

For most homeowners, installing new double glazing puts an end to issues with moisture. Unfortunately, there are also certain scenarios where new glazing proves less effective.

If rooms are poorly ventilated or feature relatively low ceilings, the "misty window syndrome" can quickly reappear on the panes.


Whatever your property type, ensuring adequate airflow is the key to resolving this challenge. You should aim, ideally, to aerate your rooms once a day.

Installing additional ventilation measures can also support this practice.

Incorporating vents into the framework is a surprisingly easy fix, with air bricks and dehumidifiers also proving effective.

No. 3: Windows and Doors Have Dropped Prematurely

A robust and resilient door should withstand all types of weather and the very worst of the elements.

Unfortunately, there are also rare occasions when glazing drops prematurely, leaving you with a sad, sagging door that is out of sync with the frame.

In the industry, this is generally referred to as "dropping." If you are struggling to lock your door, or notice it catching on the frame, these two telltale signs tend to point to problems with "dropping."

The door may have been installed wrongly in the first place, causing it to drop prematurely.

Alternatively, the glazing and glass may simply have been far too heavy for the framework, placing excessive pressure on the structure.


To solve this issue, you need to work out what`s required. If the issue is relatively minor, a simple adjustment to the hinges can fix it.

However, if the dropping is more pronounced, your door will need toe and heeling.

Although this sounds like a tap-dancing term, it refers to small, rubber blocks that are added to support the structure.

Once these additions are securely in place, the door should be back to normal.

No. 4: Window and Door Locks are Jamming

On the whole, a jammed window or door points to problems with the locking mechanism.

If you attempt to open your door, but it still refuses to budge, the mechanism may be blocked.

Alternatively, the entire frame itself may be out of alignment.

Wear and tear on locks can silt up the internal mechanisms, leaving them prone to rust or build up dirt that interferes with the opening function.

If you are struggling with one of the above, get it seen to immediately-any problems with opening your doors are a serious safety issue.


Given the variety of door locks available, enlisting the help of the experts should be your first port of call for this problem.

A professional double glazing contractor will have experience with most types of locks-and the issues they tend to present.

If the framework is also faded, or showing signs of wear, it may be the ideal time to consider replacing your glazing instead. 

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