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Double Glazing Repairs Southampton

double glazing repairs southampton

Fresh paint can transform your interior-but what about your exterior? Double glazing repairs Southampton services can help smarten up your facade while preventing long-term problems.

Sometimes, the need for new glazing is obvious, with rotten frames and cracked glass two definite glazing giveaways.

However, subtler signs of damage are not always so easy to detect, with your glazing left unattended until the issues become insurmountable.

So how exactly can you tell when your double glazing needs a little extra TLC? Here are 5 telltale signs that are well worth bearing in mind...

Telltale Sign No. 1: Cracked Frames or Panes 

Warped and cracked frames are off putting to guests and buyers. Although scratch-marks can be easily repaired, deep cracks in the framework suggest that something is awry.

On the whole, traditional wooden frames tend to fare badly against the elements, making it easier to spot issues with the framework before they become major problems.

Although seemingly minor, small chips to the glass can also expand across the pane, resulting in unsightly damage to the glass that can be costly and challenging to repair.

In these instances, replacing the entire unit is generally the best bet, both to shore up the structure of the window and prevent cracks from reappearing. 

Telltale Sign No. 2: Difficulties with Opening your Windows

Sometimes, windows are just plain sticky to open. However, in most instances, difficulties with opening your windows are a sign that something`s up-and requires your immediate attention.

Regardless of style or design, windows should open with minimal effort. If you`re breaking out into a sweat, and have to force the mechanism to open, it may be time for an update.

For homeowners in high storey buildings, resolving this issue is crucial; if windows are difficult to open, you have a serious safety issue on your hands in the event of a fire.

Moral of the story? Get your windows seen to-you can`t put a price on safety. 

Telltale Sign No. 3: Cranking the Heating Up has Little Impact

When Winter comes upon us, our immediate reaction is to simply turn up the thermostat. However, if you crank up the central heating, but the living space remains notably chilly, something may be amiss.

Efficient, uPVC windows provide a barrier for your interior space, keeping the elements locked out of your home during the chillier months of the year.

When windows are less effective, their ability to retain heat inside is radically reduced. Consequently, you may find yourself having to set the thermostat higher than normal simply to maintain your comfort.

If your energy bills are significantly higher, this is also a reliable sign that your windows need replacing.

The reductions to your energy bills make it more than worth the expense, enabling you to reclaim your comfort and drive down your overheads.

Telltale Sign No. 4: Condensation on the Glass Panes

Weeping windows are unsightly at the best of times. Not only do they obscure your view-they also radically reduce your efficiency and protection against the elements.

Condensation tends to occur when moisture gets trapped in the glass, indicating a potential leak in the unit.

When this happens, the gas cavity is no longer effective, with changes in the internal temperature leading to notable "beading" patterns.

Over time, this can cause additional problems, with damp and mouldy walls ruining the internal decor. If you wake up to weeping windows, replacing the problem windows is a better long-term investment.

Telltale Sign No. 5: Draughts are Compromising Your Comfort

Draughty, chilly conditions give homes a frosty welcome. While the mercury plummets in Winter, unexpected cold spots can signify something`s up, and in need of some expert attention.

The specific location of draughts is also an obvious giveaway-if draughts are coming from the window area, your windows may not be functioning effectively.

In these cases, inefficient or faulty seals might be to blame. The cheapest option is to simply replace the seals, although this is simply a temporary measure.

If you`re looking for a long-term solution, replacing your draughty windows should be at the top of your to-do list!

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