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Driveways Basingstoke

driveways basingstoke

Homeowners who want to pave over their front garden have to comply with certain rules. However, getting a replacement for your driveway does not require specific planning permissions.

Depending on your location, and how often you use your driveway, there many Basingstoke-based driveway options available. The cost depends on the material, and, of course, the area you want to cover. So without further ado, let’s explore the options on offer…

What are your Driveways Basingstoke options?

Bricks or cobblestone

Let’s start with one of the most attractive materials on the market today. Bricks and cobblestones are designed for homeowners who want a stable and strong driveway, that would suit the backdrop of an older home.

Bricks and cobblestones come in different textures, colours, sizes, and shapes. The biggest downside is that installation is done by hand, which increases the cost. Of course, if you decide to install it yourself, the price will go down.


– You can make it a D.I.Y project

– Easy to maintain

– Wide palette of textures and colours


– Needs to be sealed and washed

– Labour intensive project

– Bricks and cobblestones can easily shift or break


For rural areas, such as villages, gravel is the obvious option. However, gravel is more than just a one trick pony; it can considerable visual intrigue to urban spaces as well. You can install gravel anywhere, and it will always look beautiful-as long as you’re prepared to weed it on a regular basis.


– Easy to install

– Gravel does not crack, sink, or soften

– Can be customised to fit your style of home


– Gravel is prone to constant displacements

– You need stabilisers to keep the gravel in place, increasing the total cost of the project

– Very dusty; not good for those with lung or breathing conditions

driveways basingstoke


One of the most popular materials on the market, concrete is one of the most durable driveway surfaces around. Concrete can last for 40 years, and requires little to no maintenance in that time.

The only maintenance you need is repairing cracks and stains from oil and gas. On the flip side, concrete is one of the most expensive options.


– Extremely durable driveway option

– Does not need any kind of sealing

– Concrete is available in different types and colours

– No resurfacing is needed


– Cracks in freezing weather

– Difficult to repair

– Unable to cope with temperature fluctuations


Unlike concrete, asphalt is much better at handling changes in temperature. This includes high heat, and freezing cold weather as well.

Asphalt is also far more affordable, with the price being two or three times lower than concrete. The downside is that asphalt is  only available in black.


– Affordable

– Easy to repair

– Can be installed in few hours, and be available for immediate use

– Can adapt to different temperatures


– Very limited colour options

– Requires resealing every 3 to 5 years

– Requires regular resurfacing

Driveways Basingstoke

Why Resin is the Best Option for Your Basingstoke Driveway

Resin driveways are a mix of marble or recycled glass, clear resin, and natural aggregates. During the process of application, each particle of stone is fully covered in resin, and then laid onto a stable base.

The result is a stunningly smooth finish, with the finished depth between 12mm and 24mm, depending on the stone’s overall specifications.

The application process allows contractors to combine different sizes and colours of stone, with a wide variety of finishes on offer.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the additional benefits of installing a resin bound driveway in Basingstoke…

– Unique design for your driveway

– Decorative and natural appearance, to match your home and the surrounding area

– Rough textured finish that has superior, anti slip qualities

– Can withstand heavy used from vehicular traffic and pedestrians

– Relatively easy to maintain; only occasional sweeping and pressure washing is required

– Resin bound driveways do not lose particles of stone

– Resin driveways can be installed on curved pathways and steps

– Highly durable, with a lifespan of 20 years

– No weeds

– Tree pit packs available

– Fully SUDs compliant

– Made from eco-friendly materials