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Spray Foam Insulation

Eco Foam Insulation: Go Green and Drive Down Your Monthly Bills

Eco Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is the latest development in insulation technology and is quickly being adopted in countries with cooler climates such as Canada, Norway and Sweden.

Whether you’re on a mission to live in the perfect eco-home or just want to save on your household energy bills, you’ll be looking for an environmentally friendly spray foam insulation solution.

Spray foam is the world’s leading insulation material, and is now available in the UK. It is proven to be the most effective insulation product on the market, and over 400,000 properties have now had spray foam installed.

So when can you expect to see the results of this premium performing foam? If installed by a licensed contractor, the answer is almost immediately. Take a look at the bountiful benefits of having eco spray foam installed:

Energy Usage and Efficiency

Rather than sticking panels to walls or stuffing them into cavities, environmentally friendly foam is sprayed straight onto the relevant area – which might be a ceiling or wall, or into an empty cavity.

Once in the air, the foam expands up to one hundred times its original size to fill the space around it, even if it’s oddly shaped. It then dries over a 24-hour period, when the ‘curing’ process is officially complete.

The nature of the foam once dried is that it fills all available space. This constitutes a total seal against air flow, and eliminates the thermal bridge that would normally cool down, or heat up your property’s walls.

Maintaining a more comfortable temperature and keeping it more constant means that you’ll need to heat and cool your property less.

This decreases energy usage and bills, but also means that the energy you do use can be utilised better, as there’s no leakage of air to lose the effectiveness of your heating.

Having spray foam insulation can considerably improve the energy efficiency of your property, and will grade you higher on an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate), that you will need to present in the event of selling or renting out your home.

This makes your property much more desirable to prospective buyers, making it easier to relocate if you so desire!

Eco Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty and, thereafter, if you notice your insulation is losing effectiveness, can be ‘topped up’ with further applications, without having to entirely remove it

Air Quality

Spray foam doesn’t just block out airborne pollutants; it also won’t create any of its own. Fibreglass insulation panels and cotton insulation can absorb water, and becoming a festering ground for damp.

However, the chemical composition of spray foam means that it forms a complete barrier even against residual moisture in the air, and, as a result, won’t absorb any liquid.

With no danger of damp, an improvement in air quality will benefit those within the property; especially homeowners with breathing conditions, such as asthma, which are aggravated or irritated by airborne allergens.


Spray foam insulation is completely non-toxic and will not emit any harmful gases. Unlike other insulation materials, spray foam does not contain formaldehyde, and cannot become a foodstuff for animals or pests.

The chemicals that make up the spray foam are applied by being 50-50 blown with water, so half of the insulation is standard H2O.

Safe Disposal

Unlike more traditional insulation methods, spray foam does not need to removed, reinstalled and disposed of periodically.

Spray foam insulation comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty and, thereafter, if you notice your insulation is losing effectiveness, can be ‘topped up’ with further applications, without having to entirely remove it.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that it should only be installed by a BBA (British Board of Agrement) accredited provider, to ensure the spray foam is fitted effectively, and with as little mess and impact on the environment around it as possible.

But how can you ensure that your company’s reputable, and more than up for the task at hand?

Third party independent review site TrustPilot provides a good indicator of a company’s standards. It’s a site we’re proud to be signed up to.

Here’s a selection of our customers latest reviews:

“From start to finish they were very professional, the salesman was very pleasant and put me at ease, the installers arrived on time and got stuck in right away, and cleaned up after themselves.”

“Entirely satisfied with the work carried out.The team were professional, friendly & tidy. We are extremely pleased with the result & have no problem in recommending the company.”

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