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Protective Coatings

Exterior House Paint Recommendations You Can Trust

exterior house paint recommendations

Painting the exterior of your property is one of the most noticeable ways to add value to your home. A beautiful new colour will increase the kerb-appeal of your property, but also make it a much more inviting place to live.

Getting the most appealing finish for your home depends on which type of product you use to coat your exterior walls.

Some products are for appearance alone, others offer additional benefits, like extra home insulation, weather proofing, and dirt resistance, whilst some are simply not suitable, as the following article reveals…

What are the Different Types of Exterior House Paint?

Before selecting the right product for your home, it is essential to know a little more about the products that are on offer.

On top of the popular finishes, like satin and flat finishes, there are multiple types of exterior house paint that you can choose from:

• Oil Based House Paint – Consisting of a pigment, resin, and thinner, oil based house paint is one of the two most common standard house paint types. Often featuring in exterior house paint recommendations due to its good surface penetration.

• Water Based House Paint – The other common standard house paint choice, is water based. There are multiple types of paint that fall under the bracket of water based house paint, including latex. Water based paint consists of a pigment, water, and a binder.

• Smooth Finish Paint – Ideal for rougher textured walls, or a completely smooth finish, smooth finish paint is a popular choice. Smooth paint can be made with either an oil or water base.

• Textured Finish Paint – Like smooth finish paint, textured paint can be made from oil or water, but includes additional materials that leave a textured finish. One of the top exterior house paint recommendations for smooth walls.

• Exterior Wall Coatings – Very different to standard oil or water based paint, a specialist wall coating goes a step further when it comes to quality of finish. Wall coatings are an additional layer of insulation for a property, creating a warm home, whilst still allowing the building to breathe.

Today, one of the best ways to ensure that you are getting the highest quality product, is to follow the recommendations and reviews of previous customers who have first-hand experience. When it comes to the top exterior house paint recommendations, this is no different.

For many customers, it is the benefits of high-quality, protective wall coatings, that are at the forefront of mind when it comes to exterior house paint recommendations, and which products you should be investing in

exterior house paint recommendations

With a 5-star Trust Pilot rating, and more than 300 excellent reviews, we know that our customers would recommend our exterior wall coatings just as much as we do!

The Benefits of an Exterior Wall Coating

Taking a look at the benefits of exterior wall coatings, provides an insight into just why they are so popular when it comes to exterior house paint recommendations – especially when compared to standard masonry paint:

• Excellent Hydrophobic Performance – Ensuring waters rolls off your walls instead of penetrating the surface.

• Self-Cleaning Technology – Just like water; dirt, moss, and other substances will no longer be able to grip to the surface once it has been treated with a wall coating.

• Damage Resistance – From minimising frost damage, to preventing damage from salt air, a wall coating provides a layer of incredible additional resistance.

• Superior Levels of Breathability – Despite the moisture resistance, walls treated with a professional wall coating will still be able to breathe.

• Multitude of Colours – Along with the protective benefits to ensure a wall coating is long-lasting, there are a vast range of colours, styles, and finishes to choose from.

A Professional Wall Coating Team With The Credentials To Match

Here at Home Logic, the experiences of our previous customers are a testament to the quality of the product, and service that we provide throughout the UK.

With a 5-star Trust Pilot rating, and more than 300 excellent reviews, we know that our customers would recommend our exterior wall coatings just as much as we do.

With outstanding experiences, like that of Penny, who recently commented, “This is a fantastic product, [scientifically] designed to provide superior insulation to exterior walls, and what a relief not to worry about painting the house for a couple of decades!”, if you’re after the best exterior house paint recommendations, look no further than those homeowners who are already benefiting from the best products on the market.

For more information about exterior house paint, and the revolutionary technology of wall coatings, our Home Logic team are always on hand to help. Simply call 0800 1700 636, or click the button below to get in touch with the external wall paint experts today!