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Exterior House Painting Tips And Advice

Exterior House Painting Tips And Advice

With so much surface area to prepare and cover, painting the exterior of your home can seem like a gargantuan task. However, with just a few simple exterior house painting tips and advice, you can achieve the perfect finish, without the hassle of having to re-paint for many years.

Just like interior house painting, the exterior of your home needs to look great, and remain that way for many years to come. Nobody wants to have to re-invest in exterior house painting every few years, just to maintain the appearance of their home.

To make the process easier, and avoid the common pitfalls of painting the exterior walls, our exterior house painting tips and advice are here to help. Whether you’re redecorating a period home, a modern townhouse, or a country retreat, we have you covered. Let’s begin!

Preparing Your Exterior Walls For Painting

Some of the most important exterior house painting tips and advice cover the preparation of your walls. Arguably the most vital part of exterior re-painting, without adequate wall preparation, the finished look will not be as you imagined.

There is also the risk of covering damage that needs to be repaired to keep your home structurally sound. Our main exterior house painting tips and advice for preparing your walls, includes:

• Completely cleaning the walls before painting.

• Repairing all damage in advance, including damaged render and cracks.

• Applying treatment to the walls, such as a bag coat and algae treatment.

• Fully covering all external fixtures and fittings, including windows.

• Priming the walls before any paint in applied.

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Exterior House Painting Tips And Advice

Selecting The Right Coating For Your Walls

Once you are certain that your home will be protected during painting, you need to select the right product for the job. No two masonry paints or crèmes are designed the same, with some having incredible benefits on top of the promise of an expert finish.

However, for finish alone, you need to select the right colour for your property, and any possible textures.

Products like the Properla wall coating, offer a diverse range of possible finishes that you can choose from, as well as an option for a clear coating to ensure brick work is protected, but still provides a character appeal.

Of all the exterior house painting options available, the style that you choose is the most personal. Our top exterior house painting advice for the colour, is to make sure that the colour is permitted for your area, and is in-keeping with your particular style of property.

Making The Most Of Your Exterior House Painting

Just as the finish is important, so are the additional advantages that some products offer over others. While many standard paints are designed for colour or texture alone, professional wall coatings offer insulation, longevity, moisture resistance, and dirt resistance, to name just a few of the benefits.

As saving energy is becoming more and more important for each household, the additional layer of protection can be very beneficial.

The best advice for choosing a product for your external walls, is to consider every aspect.

For a greater level of home protection, professional wall coatings far exceed many of the alternative market options, and come with a 20-year guarantee to ensure that the new look of your home is going to last.

Homeowners who have already had wall coatings applied to their home are a great source of information; especially in regard to their thoughts and opinions on the benefits of the product.

Choosing An Installer That You Can Trust

As exterior wall painting is such a large job that has a massive impact on the appearance and efficiency of your home, it is important to choose a trusted installer that has the required level of experience for such an important home improvement.

Not only will a professional installer be able to provide tailored solutions for your home, but advise you on how to create the most breath-taking finish.

Our team at Home Logic are incredibly proud of the professional wall coating products we can offer our UK customers. With so many benefits, and the promise of a complete transformation when it comes to the appearance of your home, there is little not to love about this wonder-product.

If you’re considering having the exterior of your home re-painted, then we are always on hand to provide any guidance or advice that you may need. Simply click the button below, or call 0800 1700 636. let us guide you on your journey to a weatherproofed home today! 

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