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Exterior Masonry Paint To Cover Cracks: Is It Worth It?

exterior masonry paint to cover cracks

Seeing cracks appear on your external walls can be incredibly troubling; especially if you don’t know what caused them, or if there is further damage to the structure of your home.

In these cases, one of the first things that homeowners wonder, is whether they can use exterior masonry paint to cover cracks in their walls.

Cracks on walls come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they can be the first warning sign of serious structural damage, whilst in other cases, they are simply a display of the age of a property, and its prolonged exposure to the weather.

In all cases, it is important to know how to deal with cracks when they appear, how to prevent further damage, and how to restore your home to its former glory.

The use of exterior masonry paint to cover cracks is a hot topic, with some serious factors that should be considered prior to painting the outside of your home, as the following article reveals…

How Exterior Masonry Paint Works

Exterior masonry paint is very different to interior paint, but the purpose is quite similar. Like interior paint, masonry paint is designed almost solely to change the colour of your walls. The majority of masonry paint is usable on most external surfaces, and can generally be applied over existing paint.

Other than changing the colour of the exterior of your home, and perhaps adding a new external texture, there are little additional benefits to choosing a masonry paint over other market options. Due to this, using exterior masonry paint to cover cracks won’t actually resolved any issues.

It is also unlikely to be able to mask the appearance of the cracks for long, with even the smallest blemishes being noticeable after a while.

Covered, But Not Repaired

Using exterior masonry paint to cover cracks can also be incredibly risky. While the hairline or fine cracks may not indicate major structural problems, the larger cracks can spell disaster if not taken care of quickly and professionally.

Using a textured exterior masonry paint to cover cracks that are more severe could mean that the cracks go untreated, and cause major problems down the line. So, how can you deal with problems other than using exterior masonry paint to cover cracks?

exterior masonry paint to cover cracks

At LogicFoam, before we apply any wall coatings, we ensure that the cracks on your external walls are completely repaired, as well as resolving any rendering problems on your property!

Repairs And Coatings: An Alternative To Masonry Paint For Cracked Walls?

It is always unwise to hide cracks, rather than repair them. Filling in cracks is the best way to stop them causing further damage to your home, and ensures that you will be re-painting a smooth and blemish-free surface.

This can also be enhanced with a bag coat, which is designed to stabilise walls that are of a poorer quality. While repairing the damage solves the problem for now, there is also a way to avoid further problems with cracks – switching from standard masonry paint to a professional wall coating.

Professional Wall Coatings: Taking Care Of Cracks

Above and beyond the offerings of masonry paint, a professional wall coating creates an additional layer of protection, resistance, and insulation. Designed to protect a property, rather than solely colour it, a wall coating can penetrate the surface of a wall by up to 17mm.

This creates an additional barrier that provides significant resistance against moisture, and reduces the risk of frost damage – both of which are major causes of cracking.

As well as offering protection, a wall coating also offers longevity, both in terms of product guarantee, and the need to repaint.

The resistant barrier extends to dirt, algae, discoloration, moss, and air pollution, so your finish will last longer, and remain looking fantastic for many years to come.

Despite how effective the barrier is, it still allows your walls to breathe, so you reduce the risk of damage to your home, whilst still saving money on your heating bills through improved insulation.

An Expert Service For A Flawless Finish

When you invest in an expert wall coating service, you’re also investing in a solution to all the cracking problems in your walls.

At LogicFoam, before we apply any wall coatings, we ensure that the cracks on your external walls are completely repaired, as well as resolving any rendering problems on your property.

With strict safety procedures for all our professional products, we always ensure that every single one of our valued customers receives the best service possible.

Instead of covering cracks, we believe the only way forward is to repair them, and help prevent them from occurring in the future. For expert opinion on how to repair cracks in your walls today, get in touch with our team, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!

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