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Exterior Wall Coating Companies: What Can They Offer?

Exterior Wall Coating Companies: What Can They Offer

Death, taxes and rising energy bills, the certainties of modern life! Although, rumour has it, at least one of those may be about to become slightly less certain. The UK government has, sort of, announced that it might (should we say May?) cap energy prices.

They May-not, of course, U-turns are an inevitable part of a minority government. The reality is, for British homeowners, that Winter is knocking on the door, the windows, the walls and the roof. This is where politics possibly has less of an effect, and exterior wall coating companies come to save the day!

The annual celebrations of Halloween, Bonfire Night, Diwali and the near-sacred ritual of turning up the thermostat are all but upon us.

If you can’t wait for this – or any other government – to take action on our energy bills, there are several ways in which you can take a D.I.Y approach and create your own energy cap. Here’s how…

Cap With Energy Efficient Coatings

One of the most effective ways to cap your energy bills is to ‘cap’ the amount of energy that escapes your home. Energy just loves escaping – through the roof, the windows and the walls.

Energy efficient coatings to the external walls are one of the best ways to cut heat loss from your home.

On the face of it, energy efficient coatings don’t take much explaining; they’re energy efficient! Most of us like those words, with their promise of warmer homes, lower heating bills, and the need for less of a layered approach to clothing during the colder months.

Although loft insulation can be a D.I.Y job (and a messy, unpleasant one at that), you might need advice from exterior wall coating companies for external insulation.

Daylight Robbery?

We’ve all heard about heat loss through our roof and attic space – 30% or more can be lost through poorly insulated loft spaces. That 30% of heat equals a lot more of your cash. With average domestic energy bills in the region of £1060 (for a medium sized house) then that’s a significant chunk.

What less people realise is that other areas of a building are also up to no good, dipping their sticky (or damp) fingers in your household budget. Doors and windows are a problem but walls account for at least 30% too, potentially even 35% of heat loss.

Exterior wall coating companies can usually offer a survey to advise you which is the most effective solution for your home – and solutions and savings often depend on the type, style and age of your property.

Construction, Construction, Construction

The amount of heat loss through the walls of your home can depend on their construction and their age. Stone and brick walls have certain qualities that can increase heat loss significantly.

Being porous is part of their nature, and this means that water can gather in the small air pockets within the material itself.

The effects are two-fold –  damp can penetrate to the internal walls causing mould and damp patches, whilst water is great at conducting heat out of the building at an alarming rate.

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Home Logic Wall Insulation

There are advantages to applying coatings to your walls – yes, the obvious one is that price cap on your bills. In addition to this, modern exterior wall coating companies, using the latest products, can be applied in a relatively short space of time.

Time, like energy, is money as we all know, and this means that the cost of energy efficient wall coatings is highly competitive, compared to more traditional methods.

Other significant benefits include the fact that energy efficient wall coatings like this protect the home from external damp patches. Water simply washes itself off the walls, taking with it dirt, grime and pollutants.

This feature helps to self-clean the walls of your home, and also protects them from damage caused by environmental pollutants. The overall effect is to create a long lasting, attractive and low-maintenance finish to the exterior of your home.

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Exterior Wall Coating Companies: What Can They Offer

Exterior Wall Coating Companies – Home Logic

Here at Home Logic, we are one of the most experienced exterior wall coating companies around, enabling us to offer the perfect energy efficient coating for your home.

If you have any questions regarding the suitability of the product for your home, then contact us today.

Call 0800 1700 636 to speak to one of our experts, or email survey@homelogic.co.uk. We offer a free site survey, and a no-obligation quote.  One of our friendly representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

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