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Exterior Wall Insulation Recommendations

Exterior Wall Insulation Recommendations

Insulating the outside of your property is an intelligent action, and a wise, long-term investment for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, you will be preventing heat from escaping, and thus improve your home’s overall thermal efficiency. Keeping heat trapped inside your home reduces the need to rely on your central heating so frequently, enabling you to turn it off more often.

But what’s the best thing about turning your heating off overall? The amount of money you save on your energy bills of course!

So if, like the rest of us, you’re desperate to drive down your bills, take a look below at our exterior wall insulation recommendations.

Check to See if Planning Permission is Required

Firstly, it’s always good to check if planning permission is required beforehand. This will only really be applicable to those who live within listed properties, or individuals who live within conservation areas.

If the work you are about to carry out is to affect the exterior appearance of your property in any way whatsoever, then planning permission will be required.

As a rule of thumb – always check with your local council!

Exterior Wall Insulation Recommendations

Adding exterior wall insulation to your walls takes a great amount of skill and know-how, that can only be obtained through experience.

This job is like anything else in this world – those who are used to doing it quite often will be better equipped to do so.

Therefore, our strongest piece of advice when it comes to exterior wall insulation recommendations is to hire a professional team, instead of tackling the job yourself.

Exterior Wall Insulation Recommendations

The Recommended Exterior Wall Insulation Process

This is the standard ten-step process template we follow here at Home Logic. For complete success, we highly recommend that this is the process your property undertakes to achieve the best results:

  • Inspection – Conducted by an industry professional
  • Pressure Wash – Cleaning the wall of dust and debris
  • Algae Treatment – Fungicidal agents prevent algae growth
  • Repairing Cracks – Using a premium quality filler
  • Rendering – Damaged areas then match the existing surface
  • Bagging – Creating unique stabilisation and adhesive qualities
  • Masking – Protecting everything that is not to be covered in wall insulation
  • Primer – Creating a solid connection to the substrate
  • Coating – Using the revolutionary Home Logic Wall Insulation
  • Cleaning – To remove any mess caused by the operation
Exterior Wall Insulation Recommendations

But is it Actually Any Good?

Exterior wall insulation spreads from your roof, right down to your floor, allowing each element of your building’s structure, to be as energy efficient as possible.

We’ve been working within this industry for some time now, and we’ve seen our fair share of insulating products enter and leave the market during this time.

Home Logic Wall Insulation is by far the most effective product we’ve ever worked with and we guarantee the results we say it can provide. It is more than just good, it is the best! So when it comes to external wall insulation recommendations, this is very high on the list!

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