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External Insulation Problems

  External Insulation Problems

Struggling with external insulation problems? You will be pleased to know that there are plenty of benefits to be had by insulating your exterior walls.  

From reducing your energy consumption and carbon footprint, to improving your sound and thermal insulation qualities, this persistent performer is far from a one trick pony.

For many, the most practical reason for insulating the outside of their home is the money saving benefits it provides.

It is possible that you may be concerned regarding any external insulation problems that may occur, and if you don’t have all the facts to inform your decision, it’s hard to feel confident in your choice overall.

You may have heard that this form of insulation can protect your home against water absorption, moisture and mould, which is beneficial to anyone who suffers from allergies or breathing conditions.

In addition to this, you may have found out that this form of insulation creates an invisible barrier that also reduces dirt and micro-organisms, which is completely true!

But until you know all possible external insulation problems, and you have weighed them up against the benefits, it’s going to be hard to make an informed and considered decision. So continue reading!

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Five External Insulation Problems

Initial Cost

It’s a fact that the initial cost of external wall insulation will be a bit pricey – just like any other home improvement task. While the cost may be more, you have to take other factors into consideration, such as your savings every month when it comes to energy consumption.

When you weigh up the initial cost against the long-term savings, you should find that you will gain a return on your investment moving forward. In addition to this, a well-insulated home can be more appealing to buyers should you ever decide to sell.

While the initial cost may seem high, you have to remember that this insulation will last up to twenty years, and provides more than a 95% reduced risk of water absorption, making it incredibly cost-effective in the long run.

Poor Workmanship

One of the things that may result in exterior insulation problems is the quality of workmanship provided on installation. Poor workmanship can result in areas not getting sufficient insulation, and cold spots occurring.

All our engineers are highly experienced, and receive regular training on our products to ensure you always receive the best result.

Our team use only the finest quality products and the latest techniques, to ensure an even and accurate application. This provides your home with the thermal insulation it needs, in order to offer a comfortable home interior moving forward.

Planning Permission

You may be worried that you will need planning permission to have external wall insulation added to your home. The good news is that you probably won’t. There are very few instances where planning permission is required.

If you are in the process of changing the appearance of your exterior, then you may need planning permission, which you should have received by now if you intend starting any work.

Listed Buildings

Listed buildings is where you may find yourself having a problem with external insulation and this is because they have exceptionally strict regulations surrounding them. Listed buildings have to be kept to their original form, using the materials used to build the property in the first place.

This is why it’s essential that you speak to your local authority to know whether you need to get prior permission before you embark on this project.

With a listed building, you will find that you fall into that percentage of homes that have solid, rather than cavity walls. Cavity walls have a small gap between them, which acts as an excellent thermal barrier.

With solid walls, there is no gap to prevent the warm air from escaping, and the cold air from making its way into your home, which, in turn, is fuelling dependence on additional appliances, to make up for the shortfall of heat.

Window Trick Vent Problems

When it comes to effectively insulating your home, you want to take care of all areas where the warm air escapes from. This means insulating your walls, and checking all doors and windows.

Trickle vents are incorporated into most windows and doors, ensuring that adequate ventilation is always achieved. The benefit to this is that it reduces the risk of condensation on your windows.

As you can imagine, if the trickle vents are not protected during the external wall insulation application process, then they can become covered and blocked, which means that you have an increased risk of condensation.

This is why it’s so important to use a professional company that provides superior levels of workmanship, reducing the risk of this happening to you.

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Initial Cost and Long-Term Savings

If you are still a little concerned regarding any possible external insulation problems, then you will need to know that the biggest problem is the initial cost. When it comes to external insulation it is known that this is slightly more expensive than the internal insulation methods.

However, at the same time, you need to focus on how much you will save on your energy bills moving forward, along with any renovation costs which may be needed as a result of damage to the home, if you leave your exterior brickwork to its own devices.

The other external insulation problems you may encounter includes having a listed building, or living in a conservation area, where planning permission may be required. In addition to this, window trickle vent problems can occur if the vent isn’t covered prior to application.

Another issue could be workmanship. All downpipes and entry points should be properly protected prior to application, to reduce prevent problems from surfacing at a later date.

If you are experiencing any issues, and your insulation has already been applied, then the problem may not be the product itself, but the process used to apply it.

Avoid Them all with Home Logic Wall Insulation

Here at Home Logic, we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy installer of exterior wall insulation. We focus on providing you with the best insulation methods and products that you can count on, matched by a superior standard of service.

We offer a full range of services, from the walls, to the windows, and even amidst the rafters and roofspace! We have an experienced team of professionals who use the finest quality products and the latest technological advances to provide our clients with the best end result.

We guarantee the best results with our revolutionary Home Logic Wall Insulation. This insulates brickwork, and protects your property’s exterior from water absorption, by creating an invisible barrier, that lasts for up to twenty years.

The material is sprayed onto the exterior walls of your home to create a protective coating, which is completely invisible. We use the highest standard machinery to ensure effective and efficient application at all times.

This product has a proven track record and has been tested and certified for reducing water absorption by 95% or more.

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Benefits of External Wall Insulation

  • Reduces the risk of damp and condensation in your home
  • Saves money by reducing your energy consumption
  • Improves the energy efficiency of your home
  • Provides peace of mind that your brickwork is protected
  • Increases your building’s value
  • Eliminates the risk of heat loss through your walls on cold Winter nights
  • Improves internal acoustics
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More Reasons to Consider External Wall Insulation

There are numerous reasons why you may be considering external wall insulation for your home. For most homeowners, the main reason for exploring this option is because they have an old home with solid walls, instead of the more thermal efficient cavity walls.

The best way to imagine external wall insulation is like a thick, waterproof jacket, wrapped up around the perimeter of your home, protecting it from the onslaught of the elements.

In addition to this, the risk of cold bridging is also greatly reduced. This is when the cold air transfers through your solid walls, and into the home.>Cavity walls are slightly protected against this, while the solid wall doesn’t contain the essential gap to reduce cold bridging from taking place.

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All members have extensive industry experienceand sound product knowledge, and they work to the very highest of standards, ensuring you receive all the assistance and support you need.

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In order to identify which type of insulation you are going to need to rectify your external insulation problems, you may want to take full advantage of our free site survey, along with a no obligation quote, so you can get a more accurate idea about what you need to do to make your home more comfortable this Winter.

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