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External Wall Insulation Installers: Why Professionalism is Priority

external wall insulation installers

Traditional insulation for your interior walls, ceilings and floors can be done as a DIY job across a rainy bank holiday weekend – but only offers a certain degree of protection against the cold and rain of the elements outside.

For the most effective insulation to safeguard your home against inclement weather, you need to employ professionals as well as consider insulating the exterior of your home rather than just the indoors. External Wall Insulation installers can be found, but are specialist staff and trusted tradespeople.

External Wall Insulation is a chemical mixture that is sprayed onto the bricks, masonry, or external permeable walls of a home. It works by settling onto the wall’s surface, and penetrating in up to 17mm deep.

The chemical mixture creates a barrier that makes walls impenetrable to moisture, eliminating the risk of damp settling, or mould and moss growing.

Why is Damp Such a Risk for Homeowners?

When moisture settles into a wall or surface, and is unable to dry it out, it causes paint or wallpaper to peel, and leads to deterioration of the wall itself.

Damp also presents a health risk, as it releases spores and allergens into the air around it, decreasing air quality, and promoting airborne allergies and conditions.

Having damp repaired or removed from a wall can be extremely costly.

Damp within a wall greatly lowers the thermal resistance of it. Just 5% water content within a surface halves its effectiveness and insulation properties. It’s therefore imperative that as much moisture as possible is kept out of the material.

external wall insulation installers

Having the insulation installed is not just a case of External Wall Insulation installers turning up, spraying your walls and leaving. Instead, they carry out a whole range of work to safeguard your walls, and ensure that they are as primed as possible for application to prepare for the most effective result possible

How Does External Wall Insulation Affect Interior Wall Insulation?

Acting as a front-line insulation barrier for the home, External Wall Insulation lowers the burden on internal insulation, and extends its longevity, by minimising its need for repair.

By creating a blockage between internal wall insulation, and moisture, it prevents the interior insulation from degrading and deteriorating, as well as from developing mould.

Whilst it wouldn’t be recommended that External Wall Insulation is used entirely as a standalone product, with nothing on the interior of a property, it strengthens the performance of existing insulation by sharing the load in protecting against the elements.

Who are External Wall Insulation Installers?

As External Wall Insulation is a chemical product, specialist installers should be used to apply it. In the UK, Home Logic have a team of British Board of Agrement accredited technicians, who work to the professional code of conduct.

The expert technicians who install External Wall Insulation are experienced and qualified to work with the chemicals and specialist equipment, and will carry out a full home inspection to make recommendations, and discuss options with you before any work at is agreed to.

How the External Wall Insulation Process Works

External Wall Insulation Installers will first power wash all surfaces, which will be sprayed to remove any accumulated dirt, moss, paint or debris.

If any algae or mildew is found, this will be treated with fungicide to prevent it from returning, or attempting to grow through the new insulation barrier. Any cracks will be drilled, or ground down, and filled, and any damaged render repaired (and aesthetically corrected to look as consistent as possible!).

If any areas of the wall are structurally unsound, or need additional stabilisation, this service can also be offered. Finally, doors, windows, gutters and anything else that is not to be sprayed will be covered for protection. A priming coat is applied, and then the External Wall Insulation sprayed evenly across the building. The masking is then removed, and the site cleaned by the team.

Once applied, External Wall Insulation is invisible and odourless, but works right away. Up to 95% of moisture will immediately be unable to penetrate through, and pollutants, oil and dirt will wash right off. Any internal wall insulation can begin to dry out, and regain its full performance and effectiveness right away.

How Can I Contact Home Logic External Wall Insulation Installers?

Simply call 0800 1700 636, or click the button below to send an enquiry to our expert team, and start your journey to a cleaner, warmer, drier home today!