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External Wall Insulation For Cavity Walls

External Wall Insulation For Cavity Walls

Thinking about installing external wall insulation?  Good idea! You’re already taking positive steps towards making your home more energy efficient, and saving hundreds of pounds on your energy bills.

Doing so will also help to lower your own personal carbon footprint, which is an act that grows ever more important as time goes by, with the health of future generations depending on our acts today.

But is external wall insulation on cavity walls the same as on solid walls?

The application process is certainly the same, but is the method just as effective on each type of structure? First, let’s highlight the key differences between them…

Difference Between Cavity and Solid Walls

In most cases, properties with solid brick walls were built before the 1920s, with little though given to matters of insulation. In fact, any building constructed before the turn of the millennium will probably contain this type of wall.

All recently constructed properties will feature cavity walls, as they prove to have better insulation qualities on their own.

For this reason, it’s very rare to find solid walls within newly built properties. Solid walls consist of one solid layer of brickwork, as the name quite frankly suggests.

In contrast, a cavity wall consists of two layers of brickwork, with a gap in the middle.

It is this gap that provides higher insulation quality, as heat fails to bridge across dry air as quickly as it can through solid brickwork.

It is widely understood within this industry that solid walls let up to twice as much heat transfer from the inside to the outside, when compared to cavity walls.

That doesn’t mean external wall insulation on cavity walls is pointless, or any less effective than when used on a solid wall. It is just as beneficial to apply a Home Logic Wall Coating on either structure.

External Wall Insulation For Cavity Walls

External Wall Insulation on Solid Walls

When it comes to solid walls, your two main insulation options are either applying an external coating, or opting for internal insulation.

The latter option will end up taking away some of your internal floor space, which is not ideal, especially if you live in a small property.

Internal insulation can also prevent a building from ‘breathing’ adequately, leading to condensation issues.

External wall insulation will ensure a solid wall repels water, and provides better thermal insulation qualities all round. The coating prevents moisture from affecting your masonry, and will protect it from the elements, for years to come.

External Wall Insulation on Cavity Walls

External wall insulation on cavity walls is just as effective, possibly even more effective than your typical cavity wall insulation method.

The cheaper method of insulating a cavity wall is to fill in the gap between the layers of brickwork, with some form of insulating material. This usually takes the form of beads.

However, this approach is known to provide a series of complications and we strongly advise against this type of application.

The most common issue relates to moisture. Placing a material in this cavity provides a bridge for moisture to travel along, and into the interior of your home. Not only can this cause structural damage, it can also encourage more rapid heat loss from your home. In the industry, this is known as thermal bridging.

By far, the better alternative is to apply external wall insulation on cavity walls.

As mentioned above, with a solid wall application, this method prevents moisture from even entering your masonry in the first place.

This means that damp doesn’t even stand a chance of muscling its way inside, never mind having the opportunity to cross the gap in your cavity wall.

External Wall Insulation For Cavity Walls

How Can You Insulate Your External Walls?

Here we use a product called Home Logic Wall Insulation – check it out to see all of the wonderful benefits it can provide. Alternatively, you can obtain a no-obligation quote for our service, with a free site survey.

We could talk all day about the benefits of external wall insulation. If you’d like to hear more, please do not hesitate to call 0800 1700 636, or send an email across to survey@homelogic.co.uk.

Our team of dedicated and dependable insulation specialists are awaiting your call!