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External Wall Insulation Services

External Wall Insulation Services

Welcome to Home Logic – the home of expert and professional external wall insulation services! If you’re in the market for an external wall insulation product, or simply wish to lower the amount you spend on your energy bills, you are definitely in the right place!

With the help of our tried and tested team, you can boost your property’s overall thermal efficiency, and provide a more comfortable environment for your family to relax in.

What’s more, the process itself will not disrupt your family life in any way whatsoever, so you won’t even notice anything has changed.

That is until you notice things getting a little bit toastier around the house and you’ve a few extra coins in your pocket!

External Wall Insulation Cost

How much do external wall insulation services cost? It is difficult to say exactly, as it all depends massively the property being worked on, and the extent and scope of the project.

There are also various other factors to take into consideration when it comes to costing a job like this.

The best option is to request a free site survey from a reputable insulation installer.

That way, you’ll gain an accurate idea of how much it will cost to insulate your particular property, as well as a better idea of what an external wall insulation project involves.

External Wall Insulation Services

Benefits of External Wall Insulation

We use Home Logic Wall Insulation as part of our external wall insulation services, as we believe it provides the best results obtainable on the market today. Let’s take a look at some of the many wonderful benefits this product provides:

  • Prevents heat transmission through your walls
  • Less moisture and less condensation related problems
  • Provides an effective sound barrier from noise pollution outside
  • Improves your internal acoustics
  • Protects the outside of your home for up to 20 years
  • Provides a fresh and clean image to your exterior
  • Provides long-lasting effects in all weather conditions
  • Totally safe to use, with no toxic substances
External Wall Insulation Services

The Best Available Product on the Market

As mentioned above, we think Home Logic Wall Insulation is the best product available for insulating your exterior walls. We’ve seen for ourselves how effective this product can be, and witnessed the unbeatable levels of protection it provides long-term.

Don’t just take our word for it though- experience the benefits for yourself, and feel complete peace of mind that your property will be properly protected for up to 20 years!

Rainwater simply runs away, unable to penetrate the 17mm barrier of water-resistant protection.

It also repels dirt and debris, allowing your façade to look fresh and unspoilt, all year round. The latest Nano technology has been used to develop this product, bringing a whole new level of sophistication to the industry as a whole

Home Logic External Wall Insulation Services

As with all of our services here at Home Logic, we provide external wall insulation services with a smile on our face, and a spring in our step. That is because we absolutely love what we do here; we wouldn’t trade our jobs for the world!

It brings a great deal of satisfaction to us knowing that we are saving our customers hundreds of pounds every single year.

This saved money can go towards anything from a family holiday, to additional improvements for your home.

The process always starts with a friendly conversation, so come and say hello!

You can all us directly on 0800 1700 636, or send an email to survey@homelogic.co.uk.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service here, and we’ll do all we can to assist with your personal enquiry.