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Extractor Fans For Conservatory Roofs: What Are My Options?

extractor fans for conservatory roofs

Good ventilation is one of those essential requirements of a healthy home – you just can’t create a comfortable home if it can’t breathe. 

To prevent mould and damp claiming your walls and surfaces, moisture needs to be able to easily leave a property. This is why many of the best insulation products are vapour permeable, so water in the air can easily escape.  

For a conservatory, there are a number of common ways to ventilate the space. These methods include:

  • Installing a ceiling fan
  • Opening the windows
  • Having vents on the roof
  • Installing an extractor fan

As hot air rises, ventilation on the roof of the conservatory is important. Commonly this is achieved with a vent, as it can easily be installed on the roof. However, extractor fans installed as high as possible can also be effective.

If you’re considering having an extractor fan installed, then there are a selection of different types that you can choose from...

extractor fans for conservatory roofs

When choosing an extractor fan for anywhere in your home, you need to consider how loud the fan is, how powerful you need the extraction to be and how well the fan is able to stop draughts

What Are The Main Types of Extractor Fans?

Extractor fans are commonly seen in the bathroom or kitchen, where there is likely to be a lot more moisture in the air. The high humidity of these rooms can cause problems throughout a property.

There are many benefits of extractor fans; they can remove heat, control fumes and reduce humidity, which is important to protect your home. 

Whilst there are countless different models and styles of extractor fan, the main types are often condensed down to three: in-line, axial, and centrifugal.

In-Line Conservatory Extractor Fans:

In-line fans are normally installed in the ceiling or loft and offer both a good pressure and air flow. 

Axial Conservatory Extractor Fans:

Axial fans can be mounted on windows, walls or ceilings and are very common in most homes. These are often the least powerful of the types of extractor fan. 

Centrifugal Conservatory Extractor Fans:

Centrifugal fans have a high air pressure and are very powerful, so they can be noisier. This type of fan is often installed in ceilings. 

extractor fans for conservatory roofs

This also comes with the additional benefit of a warmer conservatory in the chilliest months and a colder conservatory in the hottest months. You’ll be able to enjoy a drier and more pleasant conservatory without having to install an extractor fan!

The Alternative to Extractor Fans for Conservatory Roofs

Installing an extractor fan in a conservatory is not always required to keep the space ventilated; there are many more aesthetically pleasing ways to improve a conservatory. 

Conservatory insulation can provide a solution to ventilation without having to alter the structure of your conservatory to add a fan. The insulation is installed straight to the underside of the conservatory and neatly concealed behind a conservatory roof covering, creating a good-looking exterior.

Multi-foil insulation is equipped with a vapour barrier, protecting your conservatory from common humidity problems. After the insulation has been installed, you’ll be able to keep your conservatory ventilated by just opening the door and windows. 

Combined with a small fan on the hottest days, so the air can properly circulate, you can end your conservatory ventilation problems with insulation.

extractor fans for conservatory roofs

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