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French Doors Or Sliding Doors: Which Are Best For My Home?

french doors or sliding doors

Replacing the doors on your home is an excellent way to add value to your property and transform the look and feel of your house. 

If you’re considering French doors or sliding doors for the first time, then you can look forward to a brilliant change to the natural lighting in your home and a beautiful new look to set your property apart.

Both door types have a lot to offer, but they’re also incredibly different; so which door type is the best option?

It’s time to take a look at the key differences between French doors and sliding doors…

French Doors: An Overview

A French door has two doors that are operated via hinges. The doors can swing inwards or outwards to expand a living space and create a great entrance between the inside and outside of a property.

French doors can be designed in multiple ways to account for different sized entranceways and different property designs. They commonly feature two handles and bottom locking mechanisms, allowing you to choose whether to have one or both of the doors open.

The appearance of a French door can be very classic, with coloured glazing and Georgian bars, or very modern, with a large amount of glass and a sleek finish. French doors can be used externally and internally, depending on the requirements of the room.

The key features of French doors, include:

  • Good natural lighting
  • Options for low threshold design
  • Enhanced energy efficiency
  • Good locking options
  • High durability
  • Multiple design options
  • Weather protection

French doors are a worthwhile investment for patios, conservatories and interior doors, where a good control over access is required.

dfrench doors or sliding doors

For easy access to patios or decks, sliding doors are a brilliant investment that can greatly enhance the usability of a living space, both inside and out

Sliding Doors: What They Are And What They Offer

Sliding doors are very different to French doors, both in the way that they function and in their design. 

This type of door uses a sliding door gear, either on the top or bottom of the door, which allows it slide horizontally. Either via suspension or track, the door can smoothly glide to the side, with the door then able to be concealed in a wall or overlap with the wall or another door.

Commonly, exterior sliding doors are made almost entirely out of glass, creating an unrestricted view into the garden. Internal doors can be made of out glass as well, or another material, like wood or metal.

The key features of sliding doors, include:

  • High amount of natural lighting
  • Enhanced energy efficiency
  • Good air flow
  • Multiple security options
  • Slim frame design
  • Concealed gears
  • Extensive design options
  • No space needed to open

french doors or sliding doors

If you want the most natural lighting, extensive views over your garden and a door that requires no space to open, then a sliding door is likely to be your best bet!

French Doors vs Sliding Doors: Which Are Best?

Whilst the design and function of French doors and sliding doors are different, the benefits of each door type are very similar, as is the ability of the doors to open up a space. 

Both doors are superior options for ease of access to back gardens and their designs mean that interior rooms are flooded with natural light. 

With the similarities between the doors, it’s immensely difficult to choose a door that is better than the other; the best door for your home will all depend on the exact function and design that you’re looking for.

If you want the most natural lighting, extensive views over your garden and a door that requires no space to open, then a sliding door is likely to be your best bet.

If you want a traditional looking door with good security measures and multiple design options, then a French door will be a wonderful addition to your home. 

No matter which door you choose, you’ll be investing in a door that will enhance the look and usability of a space, with all the benefits of a door that is very easy to operate.

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