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Small Front Garden Ideas With Parking: What Are My Options?

front garden designs with parking

The best things come in small packages, and the same goes for living in a compact space. It’s much easier to make a smaller home feel cosy and homely than it is a vast living space, but when it comes to a front garden, it can be difficult to fit everything in: particularly in terms of parking.

The internet is full of inspiration for teeny living and garden spaces, but when it comes to small front garden ideas with parking, there’s not many options around.

When dealing with a small space, the primary requirement for parking must be met before anything else can be installed-something which resin bound surfacing takes in its stride, as the following article reveals…

Resin vs Traditional Surfacing Solutions

When opting for a resin bound driveway over more traditional solutions, you have the ability to install a drive with specialist pit packs for trees and plants, similar to those seen on residential roads, and in commercial shopping areas.

Resin bound driveways are made of a blended solution of pieces of stone, glass, marble and natural aggregate in a clear resin that is poured, levelled and dried to cure onto either an existing surface or into an industrial sub-grid on the bare earth.

The natural permeability of the material means that it can drain water through it rather than off it: making it a suitable grounded home for trees and plants that are still able to get their moisture intake even without visible roots and being surrounded by grass.

This breaks up the natural, neutral colours of the paving, but also comes with many other benefits for your small front garden space, including the following:

Resin Bound Benefit No.1: Wonderfully Wipe-Clean Surface

Unlike tarmac and block paving, resin bound driveways don’t require pressure washing, or specialist cleaning products, retaining their aesthetics for years to come. The smooth surface is wipe-clean!

Resin Bound Benefit No.2: Mix And Match Colour Combinations

The aggregate that makes up a resin bound driveway comes in many shapes, sizes and colours, and those used within the mixture can be selected to order. This allows the homeowner to choose a design that best complements the existing aesthetic of the home exterior and the garden.

If you want to make a statement, you can do so without ageing crazy paving, or if you need to blend in, you can match a colour. In fact, when it comes to resin surfacing, the possibilities are pretty much endless!

Resin Bound Benefit No.3: Refreshingly Resistant To Weeds

Unlike traditional driveway products, there’s no gaps or spaces through which weeds or plants can grow – so you can ensure your greenery stays right where you want it.

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front garden designs with parking

Resin Bound Benefit No.4: Delightfully Durable

Resin bound driveways won’t crack or scuff as the surface is durable and hard-wearing. Resin surfaces are suitable for even the most heavily used of driveways.

This longevity eliminates the requirement for any ongoing maintenance or repair costs, and ensures you have a neat-looking driveway-even years after installation.

Of course, even with a bright and neat driveway, you may still want some greenery in your garden. Consider the following to best make use of your small garden space:

  • Hang window boxes out of your front windows and choose plants for them that flower all year-round
  • Hide away your bins behind a bush, hedge or decorative shrubbery
  • Trail plants up a fence or the front of your house
  • Frame your front door with a plant either side in bright pots.

Before you invest in costly landscaping, speak to our resin bound driveway specialists here at Home Logic. They’ll even visit your home for a free survey and quotation to help you understand your options, and assess the space for its suitability!

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“[I had a] big steep drive with a little border on the side which I wanted covered. Nothing was too much trouble for these guys and they finished covering a huge area with resin bonded small gravel in just one day! Four men working flat out in harmony…”

Why compromise when you can enjoy the best of both worlds with resin bound surfacing? Transform your driveway into a flawless and functional space today, by calling 0800 1700 636, or simply clicking the button below!

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