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Front Garden Designs With Parking: 4 Top Tips And Tricks

Front Garden Designs With Parking

When looking for front garden designs with parking, inspiration can be hard to find that doesn’t display the driveway dominating the space, with the landscaping merely an afterthought.

Yet resin bound driveways can be mixed and laid bespoke, in a range of colours and finishes to best suit the homeowner’s needs, and to complement the property’s exterior aesthetics.

Resin bound driveways are durable and strong, never scuffing or cracking under pressure from frequent vehicle usage or footfall. The smooth surface is wipe clean, and its natural drainage capabilities allow water to drain through the driveway: leaving no pooling or puddles behind.

A neat and tidy solution with no ongoing maintenance required, resin bound driveways are fast becoming the driveway of choice for both residential and commercial property developers alike.

Their ease of installation and adaptability make them ideal for awkward spaces, unusual shapes, or bespoke front garden designs.

Looking to jazz up your front garden? Consider the following options…

Option No.1: Curving Your Driveway

Without stones to cut or patterns to keep consistent, resin bound driveways are perfect for curved areas as they can be poured directly onto the ground.

An existing curved driveway can be covered directly or, if you’re landscaping something new, an industrial sub-grid can be laid completely bespoke to your chosen shape, and the resin can be poured into this.

There’s really no need to stick with the same old rectangular driveway all your neighbours have: try something different!

Option No.2: Installing Neat And Low Fence Borders

When segregating parking spaces or parking areas from other areas of the garden, a low fence border can really make an impact. The edges of resin bound driveways can be lined however you’d like, without it causing damage to the driveway surface.

Just let your resin driveway technician know how you’d like it lined, and they can install to the relevant dimensions and placements to make that happen.

Front Garden Designs With Parking

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Option No.3: Walking Through The Garden On Footpaths

If your front garden looks a bit ‘grey square-green square’, break it up by adding in small footpaths to walk through and enjoy the garden. Even if not used much, they’ll look great, and make a stylistic statement.

The material used in resin bound driveways can be poured onto or into pathways too: and you can really mix and match by selecting a path cover to contrast with your garden’s theme or driveway’s overall look.

Option No.4: Trying Out Tree Pit Packs

Thankfully, installing a new driveway doesn’t require you to cut down the beautiful trees on your property and lay concrete over them.

Resin bound driveways are porous, with natural drainage properties so it can be laid around the trees, and cover any bare roots, without compromising its water intake and growth. Designs and colours can be different around trees and plants, or laid the same so that the tree itself is the contrast.

Parking spaces on driveways can be broken up and separated by trees in pit packs, or by wider areas of shrubbery to break up the more neutral colours, and help absorb some of the pollutants that your car/s give off.

A good landscape gardener can take care of your greenery, but for the installation of a resin bound driveway or footpath, you’ll need a specialist technician.

However, they don’t believe in carrying out work that isn’t required, and so assess all homes ahead of any work being agreed, to give a full and tailored quotation.

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