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Gable Roof With Shed Roof Addition: How To Achieve It

gable roof with shed roof addition

A gable roof with shed roof addition can really help to develop the appearance of your home, both externally and internally.

We will now address why a gable roof with shed roof addition has become an increasingly popular option amongst homeowners and outline how to go about achieving this contemporary addition to your home…

Why Has A Gable Roof With Shed Addition Become Popular?

The decline in the housing market over the past ten years, as a result of the economic downturn, has seen a reduction in the number of young people who manage to get on to the first step of the housing ladder.

It has also affected the number of people in older age groups who opt to move up the housing ladder (and move into bigger and larger homes).

As a result of increasing numbers of older homeowners not being in a position to upgrade to a larger home, renovating their current property has become a distinctly attractive prospect.

Don’t Move-Improve: The Renovation Generation

Additionally, there has been a rising trend of younger, first-time buyers purchasing homes that require a lot of renovating and decorating. They see their purchase as a long-term makeover project.

Indeed, one of the few companies who haven’t struggled over the past decade is Kingfisher (owners of B&Q and Screwfix) who posted a 7.5% increase in sales for 2017; financial commentators noted was specifically due to larger numbers of homeowners choosing to renovate their existing properties rather than move home.

As such, one of the most popular means of property renovation techniques is to opt for a gable roof with shed roof addition.

The Benefits Of A Gable Roof With Shed Roof Addition

A shed roof is renowned for being one of the simplest methods with which to extend the living space within your property, and offers a lot of versatility to those wanting to add a touch of elegance to their home.

Moreover, a gable roof with shed roof addition uses basic building materials, and is the most economical method of adding an extension to your home.

The two most adopted techniques for extending a gable roof with shed roof addition are: by adding a rear/side extension or by adding a shed roof to the centre of your existing gable roof.

A Shed Roof As A Rear/Side Extension

Shed roofs are versatile principally because they allow you to cater your proposed extension to your needs.

Building one of the simplest shed roofs involves nothing more than erecting a sheltered, outside area from wood, and a plastic covering that slopes downward from your gable roof.

This provides you with a small, outside storage area for bicycles, bins and gardening utensils (although this option is only viable in the long-term in areas of the country where there is lower annual rainfall.)

Indeed, free-standing shed roofs are tenable projects if they are simply being used for outside storage, but if you are looking to add an internal extension to your home, then a shed roof will require a lot more structural support from your existing property.

gable roof with shed roof addition

With a gable roof with shed roof addition, on the other hand, the extension is elegantly incorporated into your existing home-and is visually appealing as well!

Gable Roof Additions: What Do They Involve?

Within the UK, a gable roof with shed roof addition at the rear of the property tends to involve creating an enclosed space that serves as an extension to your existing home.

This is obviously a more complicated procedure than merely adding an outside storage/sitting area and, in many cases, will involve good-old-fashioned bricks and mortar.

The Aesthetics Of A Shed Roof

The two key benefits that a gable roof with shed roof addition has offer over a flat roof extension are aesthetics and durability.

If you consider extensions to the home that utilise a flat roof, then these can often look unsightly; almost as if someone has bolted on some LEGO bricks to the rear of your home, or added a metal box to it!

With a gable roof with shed roof addition, on the other hand, the extension is elegantly incorporated into your existing home-and is visually appealing as well.

In terms of durability, a gable roof with shed roof addition is recommended over a flat roof simply because rainwater cascades down a sloping roof and drains off it, rather than collecting in pools as it would on a flat roof.

Adding a Shed Roof to the Centre of Your Existing Gable Roof

This method of renovation is popular in houses, but it has also become very popular as a means of adding additional space to a bungalow. Effectively, this enables homeowners to add another room to their bungalow by incorporating a shed roof into their loft space.

This technique is achieved by cutting the existing shingles back to expose one side of the gable roof. Sidewall studs must then be installed to bear down upon the roofs sheathing on both the left and right-hand side of where the roof has been cut back.

Two double-ended dormer rafters will then bear down upon the sidewall studs, before an inboard header is installed at the height of the structure, with cripple studs at the base, so as to safely transfer the weight of the roof loading.

Quicker Than You Would Think!

Whilst this process of renovating a gable roof with shed roof addition may sound somewhat complicated, it is actually a quicker renovation procedure than installing a shed roof rear extension.

It uses less building materials and the majority of the supporting beams already form part of the existing gable roof.

Gable Roof With Shed Roof Addition: Things to Consider

This technique is useful in properties in which you may want to add an additional upstairs bedroom. But you should readily consider the available headroom in the proposed room, and be conscious of the fact that the roof of the converted loft space will slope somewhat on either side.

Additionally, a gable roof with shed roof addition in a bungalow will present you with a problem in terms of accessing it. You may not have the necessary room available downstairs to accommodate an access staircase.

This problem can be addressed by opting to install a concertina loft ladder, or even a space saving staircase; both of which would take up very little room.

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