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Garden Office Insulation Advice

Looking for garden office insulation advice from the experts? Well you’ve certainly come to the right place!

Here at Home Logic, we’re dedicated to bringing cost-effective, energy-saving solutions to UK homeowners nationwide, enabling you to drive down your bills using the latest technologies.

Nature can be a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop for a home office, yet without effective insulation, you’re looking at exorbitant energy costs just to keep it comfortable.

Take a look at our comprehensive guide below, which provides you with invaluable garden office insulation advice to make the most of your sacred space…

Garden Office Insulation Advice
Garden Office Building Regulations

Garden Office Insulation Advice: Building Regulations

Rules and regulations are the bane of homeowners’ lives…. but did you know that in most instances, garden offices are exempt from such stringent restrictions?

This can be especially enticing for new-build properties, where the ability to go off-plan can pave the way for more creative freedom in design and construction.

As it stands, many new-build homeowners still decide to adhere to current building regulations, as the better a building performs, the greater its potential investment value for prospective buyers in the long-term.

If you’re thinking of selling your property in the future, you’d be wise to bear this in mind.

Make Sure the Floor, Walls and Roof are Insulated

This goes without saying really! In homes, these cold air culprits are well-known to be the main areas that air escapes from, and the same logic applies to your garden office as well.

For some log-cabin style garden offices, their overall structure makes them unable to accommodate adequate insulation-especially if the insulation in question is either fibreglass or cellulose, which are bulky to the extreme.

In these instances, spray foam’s full-on flexibility enables it to work around hard-to-reach places, ensuring effective garden office insulation, regardless of structure.

Of course, most garden offices are mainly made out of wood, which is an undeniably good insulator. Yet like most things in life, in terms of insulation, it could certainly do with a helping hand…

If you’re looking for a sophisticated form of insulation that delivers on all fronts, then Home Logic fits the bill. To find out more about how spray foam can save you money on your energy bills, request a free site survey today by calling: 0800 1700 636.

Floor Roof Wall Insulation

Types of Garden Office Insulation

The varieties of garden office insulation available are as diverse as the designs themselves. Let’s drill down deep into the details and uncover what they’re really offering…

Sheep’s Wool Insulation

A fully recyclable product, the wool from sheep can be used to make more than just knitted jumpers! Unfortunately, sheep’s wool insulation is much more expensive than other materials on the market.

Mineral Wool

Possessing a thick, dense structure, mineral wool would seem like an effective solution. Yet with mineral wool, expect sagging and lagging as standard.

Rigid Insulation Boards

Although frequently used in garden offices, they don’t always exhibit effective vapour control, potentially leading to a build up of condensation in the overall structure.

Hemp Insulation

Hemp boasts superlative scope in the sustainability stakes, as it absorbs CO2 as it grows. It can also be adapted for use as insulation, although its effectiveness in this respect still remains to be seen.

Surely There Must Be A Superior Insulation Solution?

Say hello to spray foam. This premium performing product is the ultimate multitasker, combating cold, condensation (and reducing external and internal noise pollution whilst it’s at it.)

And it’s all in a day’s work for this insulation all-rounder-quite literally! In most cases, spray foam can be installed in less than a day, minimising upheaval to your existing routines.

Perhaps these further points will help you to discover for yourself why spray foam has become the insulation innovation of the future…

Cold Spots Garden Office

Combat Cold Spots In Your Garden Office With Spray Foam!

Give cold spots the cold shoulder in your garden office with the help of spray foam insulation!

Also known as ‘thermal bridging’, this concept refers to the areas in your garden office where there’s little to no insulation, with timber frames and roof beams proving particularly problematic.

Consequently, any generated heat can easily escape through the roof space, with additional cracks and crevices exacerbating the issue.

Use a Professional Garden Office Insulation Installer

Installing insulation in your garden office may seem simple in theory, but can easily become problematic in practice without the right technical know-how behind it.

That’s why it’s crucial to choose a licensed contractor. Not only will they possess an innate understanding of how spray foam insulation works, they have also acquired advanced application techniques as well.

Contact us today if you are looking for Garden Office insulation advice, or are looking to start planning this project.

Spray Foam’s Impressive Credentials

And it’s not just the spray foam installers themselves who’ve been put through their paces. As a product, spray foam insulation boasts some seriously impressive credentials.

Established in United Kingdom since 1986, Home Logic has already revolutionised the commercial and residential insulation market in America, having been utilised in over 40% of North American homes to date.

Indeed, this multi-purpose product has hopped its way across the pond already, with more and more UK homeowners being introduced to the manifold benefits of Home Logic to combat common household conundrums.

Discover how expanding foam insulation ensures your garden office remains comfortable-whatever the weather outside. For more information on the superlative benefits of spray foam, visit our Facebook and Twitter pages today!

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