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How To Make The Most Of A Glass Roofed Conservatory

How To Make The Most Of A Glass Roofed Conservatory

Conservatories are incredibly interesting spaces and a lot more diverse than most rooms in a home. There is so much that you can do with a conservatory to really make it shine, starting with optimising the key features of your conservatory.

The glass roof of conservatory is in equal parts a truly beautiful feature and an absolute nightmare. The reason? Glass roofed conservatory let in tons of natural light and look spectacular, but they also make the room incredibly cold when it should be warm and boiling hot when it should be cool.

For a unique conservatory that you can use every single day of the year, your conservatory revitalisation should start with the roof, and the answer to the big question: how to make the most of a glass roofed conservatory?

Thankfully, we have you covered with our top 5 tips for solving those irritating glass roof problems and making the most of your conservatory…

Top Tip No.1: Re-Invent The Primary Use Of The Conservatory

The potential of your conservatory all surrounds what the space is being used for. There are countless ways that you can re-invent the main purpose of your conservatory by getting creative with the design and layout.

A glass roof is a great feature that can create wonderful home offices or truly spectacular kitchens; a conservatory doesn’t just have to be used as a storage room or a sitting room.

Top Tip No.2: Consider Mixing Up The Design

For a glass roofed conservatory to really shine, the rest of the conservatory needs to be up to scratch. Modern conservatories have come a long way in recent years and there are a lot of options open to you for changing the appearance of your conservatory.

From a whole new conservatory structure and style, to the simple addition of a more practical and better-looking door, there are some really outstanding ways that you can change your conservatory space.

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How To Make The Most Of A Glass Roofed Conservatory

Top Tip No.3: Invest In New Conservatory Furniture

The tricky thing about glass roofed conservatories is that almost anything you put inside the conservatory is going to be at the mercy of sun glare. To get around this, careful consideration should be given to furniture placed in conservatories with an exposed roof.

With the right conservatory furniture, its very easy to fall in love with the uniqueness of the conservatory space and really create somewhere designed for peace, relaxation, and enjoyment.

Top Tip No.4: Choose The Right Blinds For Atmospheric Lighting

To go along with whatever furniture you choose for your conservatory, getting the right lighting style for your conservatory is very important.

Controllable blinds, for the windows or roof, are a great way to control the natural light and create a wonderful atmosphere in the room.

Top Tip No.5: Insulate Your Glass Roofed Conservatory

Our final tip, but the most important one, is to insulate your glass roofed conservatory. There really is no better way to make the most of a glass roofed conservatory than to insulate underneath the roof.

Despite covering the natural light, you are giving your conservatory a whole new lease on life and giving yourself the ability to use your conservatory every day – regardless of weather or temperature.

Insulation takes what makes a glass roofed conservatory a nightmare and turns it into a dream.

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How To Make The Most Of A Glass Roofed Conservatory

Conservatory Roof Insulation: What Else Does It Offer?

The purpose of conservatory insulation starts with its ability to regulate the temperature by reflecting heat away from the roof; very effectively saving you money on your energy bills. This is a great benefit for year-round conservatory use, but the benefits don’t end there.

Additional conservatory insulation benefits include:

• Reduction in condensation and damp
• Less conservatory rain noise
• Stops sun glare and protects furniture
• Improves the quality of the whole room
• Protects your conservatory roof

Making the most of your glassed roof conservatory should start with making the space perfect for use, and then extend to making it the perfect space for you.

With a unique conservatory, your property is going to have the wow factor, whether you’re looking to sell your house or just make the most of your home.

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