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Spray Foam Insulation

Grand Designs: How Would Icynene Benefit My Home?

Apart from being a daring, ambitious and unconventional project for Home Logic, the Icynene Insulation System featured as the main insulate for a countryside property featured on Kevin McClouds long running documentary Grand Designs.

Our appearance on Grand Designs occurred on Wednesday, 21st September, 2016, and in this article we explain how our insulation system can benefit the average home owner-as well as the properties featured on the programme itself...

Grand Designs Channel 4 How Would Icynene Benefit My Home?

Where is Icynene Applied?

Icynene has a variety of applicable surfaces which it can be adhered too, its malleable composition acts as a suitable air barrier to stop draughts, increase warmth and create a secure building envelope. Its open cell composition allows it to be sprayed around electrical outlets, windows and plumbing fixtures making it a flexible solution for a quick and effective insulation material.

Typical uses of Icynene spray foam insulation are not but limited to:

  • Walls (open or closed)
  • Ceilings
  • Attics
  • Under roof
  • Under floors
  • Sound control in floors and home theatre rooms
  • Void filling for vermin control

Icynene is not just used for residential properties, even though that is what this article is based around.

It can also be used for commercial application in areas such as shipping containers, boats, vans, cars, water tanks, warehouses, agricultural storage, marine pontoons, shops and even zoos to insulate animal enclosures!

Damp and Moisture Prevention

Damp can cause unprecedented damage to a property and is an issue that needs to be combated.  Icynenes open cell composition is water permeable which allows water vapour molecules to dissipate through them.

This means damp will be reduced as any moisture in the buildings concrete or lumber can escape through the insulation as the building dries out, eliminating any chance of moisture that can cause, rot, mold or respiratory problems in your property.

Closed cell insulations ( Which Icynene do have ), are able to reject bulk water from entering your property but we do not recommended this for residential homes as closed cell products are only really suitable for commercial or industrial properties.

Although Icynene prevents against damp, it does not absorb water. However, water can make its way through the foam (as its open celled) through force or gravity. If you place the foam in water it will float, once its removed although it has a sponge like texture none of the moisture will be retained and it will keep its high level of insular qualities, perfect for if you live in an area prone to damp such as the seaside.

Grand Designs: How Would Icynene Benefit My Home?

A 1mm gap in your property can lead up to 360ml of water per day causing unprecedented damage

The majority of the damaging moisture that can enter your home comes in through air movement from cavities which are normally hidden from the eye. When warm air meets cold air in a cavity, or anywhere for that matter, it condenses. If this is not found in due time it will continue to build up and lead to mold or rot (Damages of which can be seen above).

The Icynene insulation system contributes towards a continuously insulated layer of tight walls and ceilings. The leak free construction you will be left with is ideal to minimise moisture as well as clear up any nasty airbourne irritants. Icynene is recommended not only by Grand Designs but also by health practitioner as an ideal solution to a non irritating insulation.

Keep your home warm and reduce energy bills

With its expansive properties and high R values, Icynene acts as the perfect sealant for preventing draughts and cold air from pervading your property. So forget the silicone gel, adhesives or no nonsense sealants, create a complete air seal like on Grand Designs with the Icynene insulation system.

R values of insulation materials are measured under strict conditions, and even though fibreglass has a higher R value extensive computer modelling and field data have shown that the energy performance of Icynene almost always outperforms in the field due to its superior air sealing abilities. This is the reason that our surveyors generally recommended a lower R value of Icynene than what you would be recommended for fibreglass.

Icynene keeps your home warm by sealing tiny cracks and penetrations that would otherwise allow cold air to seep through. It also protects against any inbound allergens or pollutants from entering your home.

You will also benefit from a instant reductions in your energy bills of up to and over 35%. This is an incredible investment considering that energy bills have doubled since 2004 and are set to increase by a further 50% by 2020. The amount of heat lost from your home can contribute towards higher energy bills so by insulating your roof with the correct materials you can near on half the need for making your boiler work harder then it should.

Grand Designs: How Would Icynene Benefit My Home?

Example of heat loss from a home (top image shows no heat being lost as Icynene is applied)

Grand Designs: How was Icynene insulation applied?

Grand Designs, featuring Icynene spray foam insulation had to be applied in a way which gave the property a complete air seal. This would of been near on impossible to achieve with the unconventional design that we were presented with when using traditional insulations such as Kingspan.

The issue with insulating unconventional designs which are not ‘squared off’ is that insulation boards have to be cut to exact measurements otherwise you will have small pockets of air leakage points which are, as previously described in the article, accountable for up to 35% of the heat loss in your property. This means you are losing comfort and money for no reason.

Airtightness and Icynene

Proposed planning permission for the tree house that we insulated with the Icynene Insulation System

Turn Your Home Into A Grand Design With Icynene Spray Foam

Building materials have evolved dramatically over the past ten years, and can now offer an array of benefits not just linked to insulation. Icynene aims to make buildings healthier, quieter and more energy efficient hence why programs such as Channel 4’s Grand Designs have taken the move to showcase our product on-line.

To assess your propoerty's suitability for spray foam, talk to our team for experts today by calling 0800 1700 636!