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5 Gravel Driveway Border Ideas To Transform Your Home For Good

5 Gravel Driveway Border Ideas

Gravel driveways make for something a little different to the standard grey concrete slabs that we see up and down the residential streets of almost every town and city in the UK.

Yet when it comes to separating your driveway and garden or flower beds, some kind of border will need to be introduced, toprevent too many loose stones flying across into your greenery.

You need some gravel driveway border ideas to design something functional and attractive: or, could it be time to do away with your loose gravel driveway completely? It’s time to find out…

Gravel Border Idea No.1: Brick Borders

Bricks can be laid upright or flat to edge a driveway, in a colour or design chosen by the homeowner.

These may need cutting down to size, and an adhesive may be required. Bricks do have a tendency to become loose, and so if you do opt for a brick border for your driveway, it’s best to keep some spares on hand.

Gravel Border Idea No.2: Sawtooth Borders

Sawtooth borders are specifically made edging products, with a zig-zag type finish to give ‘teeth’ between the garden and driveway.

These borders can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes, but are particularly difficult to clean.

Gravel Border Idea No.3: Smooth Borders

Smooth borders are also purpose-made products to line garden areas made from stone.

These too can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Gravel Border Idea No.4: Flowerbeds as Borders

There’s no need to stick to stone when it comes to edging your driveway; instead, you can opt to line it with flowerbeds, housing plants that flower year-round, for a colourful and vibrant feel.

Flowerbeds look fantastic as driveway borders, but there’s one real risk with the British weather, and that’s flooding. As water flows off tarmac or gravel driveways, it can stream into the flower bed, and in worst case scenarios, drown the flowers and damage the environment.

Flowerbeds will take on some loose gravel and wear and tear, and so need proper and regular maintenance in order to keep them in order.

5 Gravel Driveway Border Ideas

Flooding, even in minor terms, is also not a risk with resin bound driveways, as the pores within the material naturally drain moisture through them, and out into the earth

No Borders Required: Resin Bound Driveways

Resin bound driveways are different to gravel driveways as they do not allow for any loose material, and so do not require any borders or edging, unless desired for purely aesthetic purposes.

Made up of pieces of stone, marble and glass, coated with and blended in a clear resin, the finish is solid but smooth, and all in one piece. This presents no risk of loose material flying up and causing damage to vehicles or people and means there are no pieces to pass onto the garden.

Flooding, even in minor terms, is also not a risk with resin bound driveways, as the pores within the material naturally drain moisture through them, and out into the earth.

This capability includes resin bound driveways within SUDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) standards , which encourage the sustainable drainage of water, without re-routing it through water courses or pipes. This keeps your driveway puddle free, and reduces the risk of localised flooding.

Tree Pit Packs Available

Tree pits packs can be added into the purchase of resin bound driveways to include trees and other such plants within the resin bound material and stay able to grow and flourish with the appropriate amount of water and nutrients still being absorbed.

Tree pit packs are seen increasingly in both residential and commercial areas, to maintain levels of greenery but increase the functionality of solid surfaces.

Resin bound driveways can be installed over an existing driveway (providing the surface is solid, even and undamaged) or directly onto the earth with the usage of an industrial sub-grid.

Their hard-wearing capabilities allow resin bound driveways to last longer than any other driveway surface, whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing and neat, with a wipe-clean surface.

As the UK’s leading provider of resin bound driveways, we pride ourselves on providing a superior service, from start to finish. Based in Southampton, our company have driveway technicians stationed across the country to assess and install resin bound driveways.

Our workmanship is lauded on third party review website TrustPilot, with our team achieving an impressive 9.4 out of 10 rating.

To learn more on the benefits of resin bound driveways over loose gravel, or to have your own property assessed for the suitability of such a driveway, contact our team today by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!