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Heating Conservatories In Winter: Your Go-To Guide

heating conservatories in winter

The image of snow-peaked chimneys, and red-breasted robins is one we all cherish in Winter – particularly at Christmas time! Britain can be uniquely beautiful in the Autumn and Winter, but with the typical British weather, you may not want to venture outside as much as you may do in Summer.

It seems a shame then, that so many of us abandon the one living space that gives us a tantalising taste of the outdoors.

Heating conservatories in Winter need not cost you an arm and a leg in heating bills – it’s all about effective temperature regulation, rather than just pumping in hot air.

In the following article, we provide some expert advice on how to keep your conservatory warm this Winter, without hugging a portable heater…

Temperature Fluctuations (and How to Tackle Them!)

Heating a conservatory can be difficult, as the vast glass or polycarbonate windows and roofs easily absorb cold air and cool the room.

Most conservatories don’t have the facilities for central heating, so keeping the room comfortable in Winter can often result in wearing extra layers, and stopping the cold creeping in, by using additional appliances, such as heaters.

This isn’t just expensive but can be dangerous. Think of your car windscreen in frost: you don’t pour boiling water on it in case it cracks.

The same applies to keeping your conservatory warm! Temperatures need to be regulated and maintained at a comfortable level, rather than quickly shifted.

Conservatories aren’t insulated in the same way as the rest of your house – quite simply for the reason that there isn’t often wall, floor and roof cavities to put insulation panels into.

Your conservatory is more susceptible to extreme temperatures than the rest of your home, and doesn’t have the space for thick wadding. Instead, specialist insulation products should be used.

heating conservatories in winter

Once fitted, you can enjoy snowy views, festive meals and present opening all in your conservatory… by layering up your roof instead of your jumpers! Bliss!!!!

Retain Heat, Reduce Your Bills

Home Logic Conservatory Insulation is a layered multi-foil product that lines the interior of your conservatory roof directly. It’s made up of multiple layers of aluminium and Thermo Wadding, alongside vapour control materials and air pockets.

This blocks 91% of heat loss through the conservatory roof, resulting in a noticeable difference in temperature, and locking in that all important room temperature air.

Of course, with 91% of heat loss blocked, this will quickly translate to lesser heating bills, as your storage heater and any radiators will have much less work to do!

Conservatories are not known for their energy efficiency, but having Home Logic Conservatory Insulation installed will increase this greatly. You can now use your conservatory year-round in an eco-friendly way, and not have to use excess energy in order to enjoy it!

Cut Costs Without Compromising on Quality

Once fitted, the foil is covered with a lightweight roof, so you’ll only lose a few inches from the depth of the ceiling in your conservatory.

The cost of installation is half that of having a new conservatory roof fitted, and requires no external administration or permissions from local building authorities.

In normal conservatory roof replacement circumstances, you may have to seek planning permission, as altering the percentage of the room covered in transparent or translucent glass can legally change its status.

As Home Logic Conservatory Insulation is fitted to the inside rather than replacing anything on the exterior, none of this third-party admin is needed.

Conservatory Insulation can be fitted within hours but should always be done by a specialist – after all, this isn’t just a traditional one-size-fits-all insulation product.

What Do Our Customers Think?

Customer Craig Robinson now enjoys his conservatory year-round, saying Home Logic Conservatory Insulation was “the best investment” he had ever made.

His TrustPilot review says “After some considerable time searching for a solution to the hot and cold temperature inside my conservatory, I opted for the Home Logic Conservatory Insulation and uPVC cladding. It was the best choice I have made for some time. From salesman to fitters, all were fantastic and the work is first class. I have never known the conservatory to be as warm!”.

Once fitted, you can enjoy snowy views, festive meals and present opening all in your conservatory… by layering up your roof instead of your jumpers! Bliss!!!!

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