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Holes Appearing In Polycarbonate Roof? Here's How To Solve It...

holes appearing in polycarbonate roof

Polycarbonate is a strong and affordable option for a conservatory roof. There are many reasons why polycarbonate is a good choice, but also a handful of reasons why it can be a risky option for your conservatory.

Polycarbonate is prone to weather damage and can deteriorate over time. The material can stain, it can expand and it can break. Whilst aesthetic damage isn’t going to harm your conservatory physically, if the damage to your polycarbonate roof is letting in water, then it’s a big problem. 

If you’ve noticed holes appearing in polycarbonate roof material, then solving the problem sooner rather than later is essential to keep the inside of your conservatory safe from harm. 

Finding the Perfect Solution: Repair or Replace 

The two solutions available that will allow you to retain a polycarbonate roof are repair or replacement. The best of these solutions will very likely depend on the extend of the damage to your roof. 

If the holes are small, then you may be able to easily seal them, to prevent any water getting into your conservatory or any draughts making the inside of the conservatory colder. 

If the holes are much bigger or there are many holes, such as in the aftermath of a hail storm, then you may need to consider roof panel replacement. You’ll need to identify which roofing panels have sustained damage and make sure that they are all replaced.

Over time, polycarbonate can become brittle, so it’s worth checking all the panels to see if they are still suitable for their job. The last thing that you want is for a little damage to turn into a lot and cause severe problems for your conservatory. 

holes appearing in polycarbonate roof

Due to the weight of new roofing materials, it’s always wise to call in the experts for a survey and inspection, so you can get an idea of what your conservatory structure and foundations are capable of supporting

Consider the Options for Different Conservatory Roofing

Another option in the event of holes appearing in polycarbonate roofing panels is to change the roofing materials of your conservatory. If your polycarbonate roof has been damaged severely once, then there is a chance that it will happen again, even after repair or replacement. 

There are a number of alternative roofing materials for conservatories that aren’t so prone to the same problems as polycarbonate. However, these may be more expensive than installing a replacement polycarbonate roof. 

Two of the most popular materials for conservatory roofs are glass roofing and solid roofing.

Glass roofing is the traditional option, and with today’s triple-glazing, it can be a very energy efficient one. By opting for glass you’ll get wonderful views and that traditional conservatory aesthetic that can really make the structure stand out. 

Solid roofing can make your conservatory feel more like an extension and give you the ability to use modern residential insulation materials, like spray foam insulation. A flat roof, made from fibreglass, is built to last.  

holes appearing in polycarbonate roof

Like most conservatory improvements, installing insulation also doesn’t normally require planning permission-and if insulated properly it provides an additional room that you can use throughout the year!

Add Extra Protection to Your Conservatory Roof with Insulation

A further way to enhance your conservtaory roof and protect the interior from moisture damage is to install conservatory roof insulation. This can be installed on most types of conservatory roof, such as those made from glass or polycarbonate. 

Unlike your household insulation options, conservatory roof insulation is specifically designed for the traditional conservatory. 

The insulation material combats heat gain and heat loss, it can seal the roof off from the rest of the conservatory and it can help to prevent moisture problems like condensation build-up.

Whether you choose to replace your conservatory roof or simply repair it, conservatory insulation is a wise choice to achieve the kind of conservatory that can be used without worry every day of the year. 

Like most conservatory improvements, installing insulation also doesn’t normally require planning permission. 

Call Home Logic for Conservatory Replacements and Improvements 

Noticing holes in your conservatory roofing can be a troubling sight, but there are plenty of options to either repair the problem or replace the existing roof with strong materials. 

If you’re considering roof replacement or would like to improve your conservatory roof with specially designed conservatory roof insulation, then don’t hesitate to call Home Logic today on 0800 1700 636, or, alternatively, simply click the button below to speak with our team direct! 

Our team has the experience and expertise that you need to make sure that your conservatory can be as amazing as it has the potential to be.