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Home Logic Conservatory Roof Insulation: What Does It Offer?

home logic conservatory roof insulation

Conservatories are easily overwhelmed by the weather. 

Hot days can make a conservatory too hot.

Cold days can make a conservatory too cold.

Windy days can make a conservatory too draughty.

Rainy days can make a conservatory too loud.

And the list goes on…

What Home Logic conservatory insulation has to offer is a solution to all these common weather problems and a number of other issues that conservatories face on a daily or seasonal basis. 

If you’re struggling to enjoy your conservatory because the conditions simply aren’t conducive to an enjoyable environment, then Home Logic conservatory insulation can help. 

Here are just a handful of the benefits of insulation, so you can get an idea of what your conservatory will be like after having the insulation installed:

home logic conservatory roof insulation

The insulation reflects radiant heat (95%) and prevents heat loss (90%), so no matter the season, your conservatory is still going to be usable. 

Benefit One: Your Conservatory Will Handle the Seasons Better

The UK has very hot summers and very cold winters, with both ends of the temperature extremes already having been made apparent in 2018. A conservatory takes the brunt of the hot and cold, but with insulation you won’t need to abandon your conservatory because the weather is bad. 

Conservatory insulation will regulate the temperature in your conservatory throughout the year, so the heat of the summer and the chill of the winter won’t be as intense in your conservatory. 

Benefit Two: Exterior Noises Will Be Radically Reduced

As a conservatory is made out of glass, you’re never going to be able to stop every bit of noise from getting into the space, but you can stop some. 

Conservatory insulation from Home Logic will reduce the amount of rain noise that interrupts your peace and quiet. The thundering sound of the rain on the glass roof of the conservatory will be nicely reduced, so you can enjoy the unique room even on drizzly days. 

home logic conservatory roof insulation

With Home Logic conservatory roof insulation in place, your conservatory will be less prone to a number of moisture-related issues, making the space so much more enjoyable. 

Benefit Three: Moisture Problems Will Be Given Their Marching Orders

Rain doesn’t just cause noise problems in a conservatory, it can also cause serious damp and mould problems. The same goes for any excess moisture in your home, like moisture from cooking or showering. 

If there is high humidity in your home, then your rooms are at risk of becoming damp and where damp can form, mould can grow; this is a danger to your health if it’s not controlled and removed. 

Insulation can help to tackle mould in many ways:

•    It regulates the temperature and helps to reduce condensation
•    It seals the conservatory roof against leaks
•    It creates a vapour barrier on the roof
•    It stops condensation build-up

Benefit Four: The Energy Efficiency of Your Conservatory Will Increase

Saving energy at home couldn’t be more important. It has environmental benefits, international benefits and social benefits. However, saving energy is hard to do if you’re losing heat from your rooms easily. 

The more heat that is lost, the more energy you have to use to keep a space warm. With the natural energy inefficiency of most conservatories, you could be paying a fortune to heat a space that leaks energy. 

By stopping a major percentage of heat loss by stopping heat from escaping and sealing some areas from draughts, conservatory insulation makes the conservatory more energy efficient. Less energy is needed to heat the space, so your energy bills will be lower. 

home logic conservatory roof insulation

Our experts are always on hand to answer your questions, so if you would like to learn more about insulation for conservatories, please submit an enquiry by clicking the button below!

Benefit Five: Sun Glare Won’t Ruin Your Conservatory

Sun glare is an inconvenience, but it’s also a serious problem when it comes to keeping your conservatory furniture in good condition. As conservatory insulation is installed on the roof it naturally blocks sun glare without making your conservatory dark and gloomy. 

After the insulation is installed, you’ll find that the conservatory is still nice and bright but doesn’t have that same horrible glare that can make the room unbearable to spend time in. 

Get Your Conservatory Adequately Insulated Today!

If you’re ready to get your conservatory roof insulated and experience the benefits of insulation first-hand, then it’s time to give Home Logic a call.

Our experts are always on hand to answer your questions, so if you would like to learn more about insulation for conservatories, please submit an enquiry by clicking the button below, or call us today on 0800 1700 636 to get ready to see the potential of your conservatory well and truly unleashed!