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The pros and cons of our most popular insulation: LogicFoam LD-50-C

When insulating your home with spray foam, our LogicFoam insulation Pros and Cons list is something you can use to help justify your decision.

LogicFoam insulation has proven more energy efficient then a host of its competitors and it also offers a range of other benefits including soundproofing, damp reducing and EPC improving qualities. However, there are many other types of insulation available to choose from...

Which Insulation Is Right For My Home?

With so many insulations on the market it is hard to choose which one is best for your home, and it also depends on what benefits you are looking for. A simple pros and cons list covering the most popular types of home insulation can help justify your decision in choosing the right product.

Out of all the decision making tools you can use, a pros and cons list can prove the most effective out there.

It gives you a factual, unbiased breakdown of features which you can use to make a decision on which will benefit you the most.

Below we have listed the Polyurethane, Fibreglass and LogicFoam Insulation Pros and Cons for you to make an informed decision on what is best for your home.

LogicFoam Insulation Pros and Cons

Product Information:

LogicFoam is a spray foam insulation with many pros and cons, but more pros as it can provide you with an energy efficient and bill saving household. It works by creating an air barrier that seals walls, ceiling cavities and floors.

This process restricts humid indoor/outdoor air flow from entering walls & ceilings & further condensing which can cause issues with your home. It also keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

LogicFoam insulation pros and cons

Can save you up to 35% on your energy bills instantly. Takes 24 hours after application to be able to re enter installed zone.
BBA approved. Licensed installers are limited, make sure you are being sold an authentic product by checking LogicFoams approved stockists.
Soundproofs properties. Can be messy upon application, consult professional advice.
Environmentally friendly.  
Applicable around cables and electrical fixings.  

Fibreglass Insulation Pros and Cons

Product Information:

Fibreglass is an insulating material made from fibres of glass arranged using a binder into a texture similar to wool. The process traps many small pockets of air between the glass, and these small air pockets result in the thermal insulation properties.

LogicFoam insulation pros and cons

Easily installed without professional advice. Flammable.
Inexpensive and effective. Itchy and irritating if skin contact is made.
Fiberglass insulation is available in medium- and high-density options (roughly R-11 and R-15 for a standard 2-by-4 wall). Unless you use plastic-sealed batts, fiberglass insulation requires a vapor barrier to protect it from moisture.
Fiberglass does not shrink. Inhaled slivers of fiberglass irritate the alveoli and can cause lung disease.

Polyurethane Insulation Pros and Cons

Product Information:

Polyurethane was first developed after World War 2 to insulate aeroplanes before it’s use in homes was made apparent. It is formed by mixing an isocyanate such as methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) with a polyol blend. The components are mixed together creating a rigid, cellular foam matrix which insulates tour home.

LogicFoam insulation pros and cons

Expands and fills gaps not usually accessible by traditional insulations. Can be expensive to install.
Can reduce mold and mildew Needs to be protected from direct sunlight.
Capable of being applied to virtually any type of existing commercial roof system Can cause allergy problems.
  Toxic fumes can cause respiratory illness.


Choosing the correct spray foam insulation for your home can be difficult, as there are many pros and cons for each type. However as accredited and licensed LogicFoam installers, we can offer home-owners a trusted and reputed service. All of our installs come with a 25 year warranty and our insulation is approved by various regulatory boards including BBA and ETA.

Hankering after more expert advice? Talk to our team of spray foam experts today by calling 0800 1700 636!

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