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How Can I Insulate My Conservatory? We Have The Answer!

How can I insulate my conservatory

Conservatories can be an absolute joy through the summer – beaming sunshine and large windows can combine to make the conservatory the perfect spot to curl up in the sun with a book and a coffee… or something a little stronger!

It also makes a great base for post-garden party breaks as night draws in and the temperature drops.

But, as British weather regularly dictates, it’s not always warm enough weather to relax in one. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should allow your extra room to go to waste, and it can still be a usable hub year-round – with the right heating.

If it all works out too pricey on your energy bills, it can be all too easy to shut the conservatory off for Autumn and Winter, and designate it as out of use.

Market research has shown that increasing numbers of us are too affected by ever-increasing bills, and are taking this route. But there’s no need to!

There’s lots of websites around selling insulated blinds, but unfortunately these can be a false economy. They tend to add a blind or drape between your roof rafters, but have limited impact on actual air distribution, and can easily become clogged with moisture – which can result in damp.

Claim back your extra space and save cash on the heating bills by using specialist conservatory insulation to keep heat in and draughts out.

How can I insulate my conservatory?

A conservatory is meant to be warm! Why would I heat it more?

Conservatory insulation can actually help maintain a more comfortable temperature in warm weather, rather than overheating it. When it’s cooler, the extra heat comes in handy, but it’s not just all about temperature.

Insulating your conservatory can also lower noise levels when it rains, and combat the issue of too much glare from your devices, as light bounces from the glass.

Proper insulation in your conservatory also has financial benefits: the drastic impact on your energy bills will soon prove you’ve made the right decision.  Our specialist conservatory insulation stops 91% of heat escaping the room – which will cut a hefty chunk off of your heating bill!

My conservatory roof isn’t like the roof of my house. How do I insulate it?

There’s specialist conservatory insulation available that’s designed specifically for this purpose. It’s not your standard fibreglass panels, but rather, much more technical!

Home Logic Conservatory Roof Insulation was originally used by NASA on the Apollo space missions, to insulate against the extreme temperatures of outer space.

Adopting the technology, we have created a bespoke product that fits residential conservatories, and so can adapt to keep comfortable temperatures in the room, regardless of the weather outside.

How Can I Insulate My Conservatory? We Have The Answer

How does Conservatory Roof Insulation actually work? What makes it different to traditional insulation?

Home Logic’s Conservatory Roof Insulation System is made up of 6 layers. True aluminium foil makes up both layer 1 and 6, as the outer. Sandwiched between these are 2 layers of ThermoWadding Membrane, which holds pockets of air within itself to conduct radiant energy and maintain the overall temperature.

A Metalised Poly Foil Barrier acts as an additional heat shield, and finally, a Vapour Control layer ensures that there’s a degree of ventilation – allowing residual moisture in the air to pass through, so you’re not left with dampness, odour, or any deterioration of your insulation.

This combination gives the perfect product for a room that can see sudden changes in temperature, and is often open to the elements.

Do many people actually insulate their conservatories?

Lots! Home Logic’s customers independently rate the company on product and service at Trustpilot. At time of writing there’s almost 300 reviews with an average rating of 9.6 out of 10.

Previous customers comment on the professionalism and politeness of the technicians, the recognition of an instant improvement in temperature, and the great savings made on heating and energy bills!

How do I find out if Conservatory Roof Insulation System is right for my home?

Get in touch with us here at Home Logic today! We’ll happily talk them through your needs, and the layout of your conservatory, so you can make an informed and considered decision.

Our experienced team of experts can help make recommendations, and advise on what would be right for you, with a free home visit if required.

You can contact our friendly advisers either by filling out their online enquiry form (which is completely no-obligation), or by giving them a call on freephone 0800 1700 636. It’s free to chat and discuss your options in detail