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Spray Foam Insulation

How Can I Make My Flat Roof More Thermally Efficient?

how can I make my flat roof more thermally efficient

How can I make my flat roof more thermally efficient? This is a question that home owners are asking themselves up and down the country.

Living with a roof that isn’t efficient results in uncomfortable living conditions and expensive bills. It is well worth taking a few steps to make some improvements to improve the thermal efficiency, the difference is significant. But where do you start?

How Can I Make My Flat Roof More Thermally Efficient?

Today we are sharing three answers to the question – how can I make my flat roof more thermally efficient? These answers each have their benefits and will make an improvement in the comfort of your home, along with the energy expenses!

Cool Down the Roof

This doesn’t mean make your roof physically colder with fans or air conditioning; it means change a dark coloured roof, to a lighter coloured one. Believe it or not, the colour of your roof will make a difference to its overall efficiency.

The albedo effect is the name for this, as the darker coloured roofs absorb the light and the heat, whereas cooler coloured roofs reflect light and heat.

The benefits of using a lighter colour roof have been proven in energy saving research. A cooler roof will save energy, and reduce the cost of cooling down or heating up your home. Your property will become a lot more comfortable to spend time in-especially during the hotter Summer months.

How Do I Cool Down the Roof?

You can cool down the flat roof by replacing the darker materials with lighter ones. Consider fibre reinforced PVC membranes in white, which are extremely effective.

However, you can simply choose the same type of roof you have now, but in a lighter colour. It really is as simple as that. The trick is to check the reflectiveness rating for the roofing material, and pick one with a high number.

Insulate Your Flat Roof

It’s impossible to ignore insulation when answering the question – how can I make my flat roof more thermally efficient? Insulation has so many benefits, one of the main ones being improving the thermal efficiency of the home.

Many homes will have the attic insulated, and perhaps the walls, but the roof frequently gets ignored.

An insulated roof will remove problems caused by temperature fluctuations in the home. The bonus of the insulation effect are the reduced energy bills. But how do you insulate a flat roof to make it more efficient?

how can I make my flat roof more thermally efficient

Spray Foam Insulation: A Ready-Made Roofing Solution

In the modern age, spray foam insulation is the best choice to make. Spray foam uses modern technology and knowledge to deliver excellent results, dramatically improving the thermal efficiency of the home.

Spray foam insulation is also perfect to use on a flat roof. It’s non-toxic, fast to apply, and begins working instantly. Dust and dirt doesn’t accumulate in the insulation, and water isn’t absorbed; just two more advantages that are beneficial to the homeowner.

Drive Down Your Bills The Easy Way

Home Logic spray foam saves homeowners 35% on their heating bills on average. That’s because it works to improve the thermal efficiency, helping to keep rooms below at a comfortable temperature, whether it’s cold or hot outside.

The spray foam has many benefits over older versions of insulation, it doesn’t degrade over time, it won’t settle and become less efficient, and it isn’t affected by humidity either.

When asking – how can I make my flat roof more thermally efficient – it pays to consider spray foam insulation. This really is a simple option that will greatly improve the efficiency of your property.

Versatile Insulation for a Flat Roof

A flat roof can be insulated with ease thanks to the design of spray foam insulation from Home Logic. The insulation is blown onto the surface where it expands to up to 100 times larger than its original size.

It can be used on the most complex of surfaces and buildings, insulating the space perfectly, without fear of any inefficient areas being left behind.

Enlist The Help Of The Experts Today!

How can I make my flat roof more thermally efficient? Begin with Home Logic! Find out more about how spray foam from Home Logic can improve the thermal efficiency of your flat roof and home in general.

Call Home Logic on 0800 1700 636 and ask for a free quote or a free site survey to see if your home is suitable. The free site survey will determine your best options, and provide you with plenty of information regarding spray foam, and will address any thermal problems caused by your flat roof.

Dastardly draughts compromising your comfort? Transform your flat roof into a thermally efficient all rounder, by calling 0800 1700 636 today!