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How Can I Revamp My Patio With Resin Bound Surfacing?


The Great British patio has become a staple in a large proportion of UK homes, with more than 50% of Brits preferring the humble patio over having a lawn.

The figures may be slightly shocking, but then, what’s not to love about patio space? The area is great for entertaining, it’s low maintenance, and fabulous for children to play on.

But only when the patio is in good condition.

Ready to completely transform your patio space? Here’s how to revamp your patio with resin bound surfacing…

The Great British Patio and Resin: A Match Made In Heaven

Resin is a highly popular material but is perhaps most well-known for use on driveways. The construction is strong, durable, crack-resistant, and weed-proof… everything you need for a superb driveway.

Thankfully, all these properties transfer perfectly to patio use. With a resin patio you’re getting a practical space that’s designed to last and a beautiful space to relax – the best of both worlds.

There are dozens of tips you can follow to throw the best outdoor party, countless ways that you can optimise a garden for children, and a long list of methods to reduce the maintenance of a garden space, but the first step? Make sure the surface is right for your needs.

Resin bound surfacing should be installed professionally for a smooth, sleek, and high-quality finish, this process takes multiple stages, but can easily be summarised into four key steps:


The patio can be as large as you want, it can have matching paths leading off to other areas of your garden; in fact, you can even link it up to your driveway if your property design allows!

Step One: The Design Stage

Arguably the most enjoyable of the four steps. The design stage is all about planning what you want out of your patio, and perhaps, how that can tie into the other surfacing in your outdoor space.

The patio can be as large as you want, it can have matching paths leading off to other areas of your garden, and you can even link it up to your driveway, if your property design allows.

During the design stage, you’ll pick your perfect stone for the patio from a vast selection. The colour could be light or dark, you can keep the design subtle, or you can go bold!

At this stage the area can be planned out and any edging chosen to complete the final look of the patio.

Step Two: Surface Preparation

Next comes preparing the surface. You want your patio to be strong enough to withstand years of use, stand up to the elements, and stay looking perfect – a strong base will help to ensure this.

The area for your patio will be excavated, and a new sub-base will be constructed to provide the best support for your resin bound surface.


Normally, multiple mixes of aggregates will be needed to complete the project, but the professional installers will ensure that the colour and texture is consistent throughout the process

Step Three: Creating the Mix

The mix, using your choice of natural aggregate, will then be made using the resin and stone.

Normally, multiple mixes will be needed to complete the project, but the professional installers will ensure that the colour and texture is consistent throughout the process.

Step Four: Professional Installation

The final step is to lay the mixture on the base. This step has to be performed quickly before the resin mixture hardens.

The mix will be poured, raked, and tamped to ensure that the finish is completely smooth. At this point, you can even add additional materials, like glass beads, to make the surface fully slip-resistant!

Once the resin has fully dried and hardened, your finished patio is ready to be enjoyed.

Through intense heat in the Summer, and heavy rain in the Winter, your resin patio will continue to look amazing and be ready to use whenever the occasion arises.


The best furniture to add to your new patio is determined by the overall purpose. If comfort's a top priority, rattan's defintiely the way to go. Add a few plush cushions to the mix, and you're ready for some serious R&R!

What About Furniture For My New Patio? 

Where to start?! From rustic, rattan furniture, to terrific teak tables and chairs, the options on offer are truly endless.

Overall, the best choice comes down to function. Want a space to entertain in? Invest in the best dining table on offer-it will be well worth the investment. Don't be fooled by the price tag-cheap and cheerful often means exactly that, with replacement required in just a few years. An investment piece may cost a little extra, but it will be more than worth it in the long run, as it stands the test of time.

Alternatively, you may simply prefer to create a cosy space to curl up with a good book. In this instance, comfort is obviously key-a few throws and a patio heater ensure your outside area remains comfortable even in Autumn, enabling you to enjoy it for longer.

If comfort's a top priority, rattan's definitely the way to go. Add a few plush cushions to the mix, and you're ready for some serious R&R! 

In terms of durability, both rattan and teak be easily wiped down; however, in the latter instance, you will need to treat the wood regularly, and apply additional coats of varnish when the occasion calls for it.

Another important factor to consider is storage. If you have limited space, folded furniture proves ideal; it can easily be folded and stored away in a small shed, without taking up the majority of the space.

Aim for quality, and you can't go far wrong. Inexpensive furniture offers a relatively short shelflife-especially in areas of high sun, where it can fade and go brittle in just a few years, making it a frustratingly false economy.


From family catch-ups, to alfresco dining, a patio can be used for all manner of purposes-and remains that way for many more years to come if installed by an accredited expert!

Prime Your Patio For Perfection With The Help Of Home Logic!

A patio space is great for the whole family and even pets. It is safe, strong, and constructed in such a way that ensures it isn’t going to let you down after the first hot summer or cold Winter – with resin, the results are going to last!

If you’re interested in investing in a resin patio, driveway, or path for your home, then the experts at Home Logic are on hand to help.

Professional and experienced, our team have helped countless UK residents design and install the best home improvements around, with a 5-star trust pilot rating as testament to our expertise.

Ready to unleash the potential of your garden space and revamp your patio with resin? Simply call 0800 1700 636, or click the button below to get started today!