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How Do You Make an Old Porch Look New?

Old Porch Look New : How Do You Make?

As the focal point for your home, your porch sets the tone for what`s inside. Whether you`re seeking to sell your home, or create a warm welcome for visitors, you can make an old porch look new with some surprisingly simple tweaks.

With the right design and styling, you can transform a drab and dour porch into a bright, inviting space.

In fact, you can also use this area to get your shoes and coats in order, with your chosen storage units becoming a feature in their own right.

With the above in mind, here are 7 savvy suggestions to give your old porch an instant facelift without putting a big dent in your budget...

Top Tip No.1: Dare to Go Bold

The right hue can make or break your old porch. While subtle shades are certainly inviting, sometimes it's best to go bold!

For properties in shaded areas, a bright colour scheme can work wonders for dingy porches, injecting a vital lease of life into an oft-neglected space.

If you`re hesitant to go the full mile, painting the ceiling of your porch provides the perfect compromise.

If you love the colour, you can invest in furnishings and accessories that feature similar shades.

If the colour is a little strong, you can paint the surrounding walls in lighter colours to offset the shade on your ceiling. It`s a win-win situation!

Top Tip No.2: Accessorise with Shutters

Looking to let more light in without making things blindingly bright? Getting your porch just right is often a balancing act.

If you own a South-facing property, the full force of the midday sun may make your porch uncomfortably hot, reducing opportunities for transforming the space into a functional and habitable area.

For such homes, installing side shutters on the porch offers an effective solution.

Like uPVC tilt and turn windows, stylish shutter slats can also be adjusted in increments, enabling you to open them to the right degree to benefit from the natural light.

What`s more, they can be fully closed in the evening to offer additional privacy. Perfect!

Top Tip No.3: Make it Multi-Functional!

Similar to conservatories, a new, uPVC porch can be used for a variety of purposes. Traditionally, porches were seen as a practical room for storing coats and shoes.

Today, porches are still used for this purpose, and many more functions besides. From creating a reading nook, to housing a collection of blooms, the options are practically endless.

Before you proceed with this project, consider your hopes for the space. Are you aiming for a quiet nook, or an area to try out new hobbies?

Knowing what you want from your porch can help you section the space, resulting in a multi-functional room that can be easily enjoyed at leisure.

Fold-away tables and chairs are perfectly suited for this purpose. Once finished with a particular activity, you can simply fold them away to focus on relaxation.

Top Tip No.4: Invest in Some Eye-Catching Succulents

Accessorising your porch with plants can offset the existing backdrop while adding a natural injection of colour.

Although enticing in principle, the majority of plants and blooms require significant upkeep to keep them looking the part.

If you are itching for a little more greenery, a simple collection of succulents offers unique, visual intrigue, making them a perfect addition to your porch.

Robust and resilient, succulents thrive in arid climates, preferring sunny spots and spaces to cold, shaded areas.

A bare or forlorn looking window sill offers the ideal place for these plants.

Thanks to their minimal maintenance requirements, your succulents will remain in top condition throughout the course of the year.

Top Tip No.5: Experiment with Shelving and Levels

In UK homes, space tends to come at a premium, with effective storage solutions increasingly hard to come by.

Over time, a smart, airy porch can become filled with clutter, with shoes, coats, and bags piled high against the wall.

If you are struggling with limited space, and need some additional storage, experimenting with levels and shelving can offer a workable solution.

A simple "pigeon hole" design can take care of the clutter, ensuring your odds and ends are organised in a logical order.

Quirky, stenciling designs can turn shelving into a work of art with a variety of levels and heights to add to the aesthetic appeal.

Design your dream porch today with the help of Home Logic! Our expert team are on hand to talk you through the options on offer and what they can bring to your home. Simply call 0800 1700 636 to get inspired today!