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How Does Wall Insulation Work?

How Does Wall Insulation Work

Wall insulation is the practice of applying a certain material to the exterior or interior of your walls, with the aim of boosting your property’s overall thermal efficiency. But how does wall insulation work?

Well…it all depends on the type of insulating material used, and the method employed during the application process.

For the sake of this particular page we are going to focus on external wall insulation – and our product in particular – Home Logic Wall Insulation.

There are many different options available on the market when it comes to insulating the outside of your home, but we thoroughly believe our product is the best. Here’s why…

Why Consider Wall Insulation?

Up to 25% of your home’s internal heat can be lost through your walls. This is the process in which warm air within your home travels naturally towards the cold air outside through your brickwork.

An uninsulated wall is very bad at preventing this thermal bridging from taking place. This is especially true for buildings made with solid walls.

Cavity walls perform a little better at keeping heat within a home, due to the gap placed between the two layers of brickwork.

However, cavity walls still only have a U-Value of around 1.5 W/m²K, which is not very low at all when compared to the same values of an insulated wall.

During times where energy tariffs are changing and heating bills continue to soar upwards, you simply cannot afford to lose this amount of energy from your home.

Older properties will suffer more than newly-built structures too, so it is incredibly important to have your building inspected regularly to ensure optimum efficiency. External wall insulation will not only boost your home’s thermal quality, it will also prevent moisture gain and your façade from attracting dirt.

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Home Logic – How Does Wall Insulation Work?

So how does wall insulation work for the outside of your home?  The explanation behind this is fairly simple, even if the science behind the chemical composition is quite complicated!

The material is sprayed or painted on to the outside walls of your home. At first, it may have a creamy-like colour, or another shade that makes it obvious that something has been applied to your brickwork.

But within minutes the product begins to sink into your masonry, much similar to the way cream dissolves into your skin, and turns completely invisible!

This creates a transparent barrier across the surface of your home that can penetrate into your brickwork by as much as 17mm. But what does this achieve?

Home Logic Wall Insulation in a Nutshell: One Big, Waterproof Jacket

Well, Home Logic Wall Insulation combats water-absorption by over 95% – so it’s almost like your house is wearing one big waterproof jacket. The composition within the masonry cream chemically bonds to the substrate to protect it from water, dirt and micro-organisms.

Walls that are allowed to remain dry are much better thermal insulators than those that are wet. This is because heat travels much faster across cold and wet surfaces in comparison.

An application of Home Logic Wall Insulation will stop water from penetrating your masonry to prevent moisture gain and to improve thermal efficiency.

This doesn’t mean the product stops your building from breathing though! Our premium choice of insulating spray is not permeable by water but is permeable by vapour and air – the perfect balance!


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Even More Benefits to External Wall Insulation

Here at Home Logic, we don’t do things by halves. The way see it, why opt for a product that tackles one tiny task, when another offers multiple benefits like the ones listed below?

  • Effective sound barrier for improved internal acoustics
  • Less moisture equals less condensation and mould related issues
  • A more relaxing and comfortable home setting
  • Protect your brickwork for up to 20 years
  • Refresh the image of your property’s exterior
  • Long-lasting effects all year round
  • Unobtrusive application process causes minimal disruption

Contact Home Logic for More Information

How does wall insulation work with a team like Home Logic? Give us a call on 0800 1700 636 and find out for yourself! Alternatively, you can also reach us on survey@homelogic.co.uk or visit our contact page for our postal address and more.