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How Effective Is Solar Glass Over Polycarbonate?

How Effective Is Solar Glass Over Polycarbonate

Conservatories are as popular as ever in the UK, but they’ve started to undergo a bit of a transformation of late. More and more people are trying to turn the practical space into somewhere they can enjoy all year round – starting with a complete roof overhaul.

The roof is responsible for a lot of the heat loss and gain in the conservatory. When your conservatory feels too hot in the Summer, or too cold in the winter, the roof is likely to be the reason why.

While there are many alternative roofing materials on the market that offer something different to the standard glass conservatory roof, two of the main materials are polycarbonate and solar glass. But which is best? It’s time to find out…

Solar Glass vs Polycarbonate: An Overview

To start with, both materials are at completely different ends of the conservatory roofing material spectrum. Solar glass is very close in appearance to standard glass, while polycarbonate offers an entirely different aesthetic.

Let’s look at the biggest differences between the effectiveness of polycarbonate vs solar glass…

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How Effective Is Solar Glass Over Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate Roofing: A Very Versatile Material

A lot of products that you use every day are made from polycarbonate; it is a versatile material that is strong enough to withstand significant force and transparent enough to effectively transmit light.

Polycarbonate comes in multiple different types and styles, from clear to opal. Each type is going to give a slightly different overall effect, with differences in the amount of light that will be able to enter your conservatory.

The material can be handled with relative ease, and you’re unlikely to face any major mishaps onsite due to breakages. With polycarbonate, the price of a new conservatory roof is also likely to be less than with glass.

• Affordable
• Durable
• Multiple types
• Fair light transmission
Lowered light glare

• Not very aesthetically pleasing
• Less natural light
• Prone to staining
• Amplified conservatory rain noise

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How Effective Is Solar Glass Over Polycarbonate

Solar Glass Roofing: Let There Be Light!

Solar glass, or solar controlled glass, is a little different to your everyday glass conservatory roof, which means that it stands out more than if we were looking at glass vs polycarbonate.

The main difference is that solar glass is designed specifically to allow light to enter a room without all of the heat entering at the same time.

Despite looking pretty similar to glass, with the same aesthetically pleasing quality, it offers enhanced temperature control; an essential for year-round conservatory use.

As well as the insulation against heat, solar glass also provides insulation against rain noise, more so than your standard single glass pane.

• Aesthetically pleasing
Noise reduction
Heat reduction
• High levels of light
• Customisable

• More expensive
Light glare

When looking at how effective solar glass is vs polycarbonate, both make for a pretty impressive improvement over the standard glass roof, but there are some startling differences between the two products.

Cost-wise, polycarbonate takes the victory, providing better protection and insulation than standard glass for a lower price. If you want the most protection though, solar glass may just be your best bet.

However, there is one additional consideration that needs to be looked at; the role of conservatory insulation…

How Effective Is Solar Glass Over Polycarbonate

Conservatory Insulation: A Crucial Addition To Consider

If you’re after an effective solar glass or polycarbonate roofing system to reduce heat in the Summer, and retain heat in the Winter, then conservatory insulation is a crucial addition to consider. This works in conjunction with your roofing choice – for double the effectiveness.

Home Logic conservatory roof insulation is a comprehensive roof covering that creates an entire insulation barrier with vapour control. Once the stylish insulation is in place, your conservatory is going to benefit from exceptional heat insulation.

With this leading multi-foil insulation, sun glare is reduced, condensation is eliminated, and you regain control over the versatile living space every day of the year.

Through the combination of a high-quality roofing system and essential conservatory roof insulation, you can achieve a space that is a pleasure to spend time in no matter the temperature

Whether you’re considering a new conservatory roof or a brand-new conservatory, our team at Home Logic are on hand to help.

With a vast selection of high-quality conservatories available, and the option of our outstanding insulation right from the get-go, your conservatory will become a true asset to your home.

For more information about Home Logic conservatories or our top of the range insulation, give our expert team a call today on 0800 1700 636, or simply click the button below!

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