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Spray Foam Insulation

How Effective is Soundproofing a Wall?

how effective is soundproofing a wall

There are many reasons why you may be considering soundproofing the walls in your home, but whatever the predominant purpose, a serious solution is required if you’ve got as far as researching it online (and finding this article!).

Air leakage can account for up to 40% of energy loss from your home, so it’s easy to see how noise can pass through walls.

But how effective is soundproofing a wall? We explore this topic in greater detail, and offer some savvy solutions, to ensure that peace prevails…

How to Soundproof a Wall

The most common way to soundproof a wall, and likely what you’ve seen in cinemas and studios, is to stick carpet tiles or foam to the wall; with the idea that these substances will absorb the sound, and block the sound-waves from travelling any further (and therefore outside of the room).

The difficulty with these, though, is that you’re proofing the interior of the area you want to stop the noise from escaping – not necessarily prioritising blocking noises from elsewhere from entering.

In the case of noisy neighbours, or aeroplanes flying over your house, this may not be for you.

This panel type of soundproofing is normally quite dark in colour too (think lots of greys and blacks), so if you’re hoping to soundproof your living space, soundproofing may not quite fit your colour scheme and aesthetic.

Is It Worth the Effort?

Wall soundproofing solutions like this are often D.I.Y, and can be quite easy to install. However, without the requisite training, such projects will ultimately end in disaster.

The most common reason for poor performance of soundproofing panels is, quite frankly, poor workmanship. The most effective method is always to recruit a professional – and ideally get them to install a multi-purpose product, that won’t just keep things quiet, but improve your whole living space as well.

how effective is soundproofing a wall


Why Spray Foam is the Best Method for Soundproofing

Spray foam is a highly effective soundproofing solution for walls, but as mentioned previously, it’s also a multi-functional product!

Unlike traditional materials such as fibreglass, spray foam combats any air – and therefore noise – leakage from the wall. It can be either sprayed directly onto the wall, or injected if you have wall cavities or unusual shapes and spaces to be soundproofed.

It improves acoustic performance quality in the room you’re sound-proofing, whilst drowning out external sound.

For many buildings, spray foam provides an unrivalled insulation solution, as it blocks thermal flow, preventing energy loss in the process.

In contrast to soundproofing panels, it won’t degrade over time; you’ll find that unlike normal soundproofing panels, there’s no need to replace it if it gets wet, and it won’t get dusty or mouldy.

No airborne mould, pollen or pollutants can pass through either, ensuring your home remains a relaxing place to retreat to. Bliss!

Reputable Product, Reputable Company

Regardless of whether you’re using spray foam for soundproofing a wall, or simply to prevent against heat loss, it comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee, for additional peace of mind.

Your soundproofed wall will be fully usable again in 24-hours, so there’s little downtime, and no need to clean up afterwards! The application of spray foam is something of an exacting science, and should therefore only be installed by a reputable company.

Although tempting, D.I.Y spray foam kits should be avoided at all costs, as the risk of a botched job is unnervingly high, and considerably costly to fix. You have been warned! Enlist the help of the experts instead by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!