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How Long Does Spray Foam Take To Install?

how long does spray foam take to install

We all live increasingly busy lives. From getting the kids ready for school, to scheduling projects for work, the to-do list is seemingly endless, rivalling the Magna Carta in terms of size.

If there's a simpler, smarter way of doing things then its definitely well worth considering-and the good news is that in terms of improving your property, this solution is already available.

Sound too good to be true? Believe it, and let us introduce you to what it is, how it works, and, ultimately, how it can help your home in more ways than one...

Upgrading Your Home: The Spray Foam Solution

Unlike other insulation materials, Home Logic spray foam can be installed in less than a day-making it ideal for homeowners with hectic schedules. It may take a little longer if the existing insulation needs removing beforehand, but generally speaking, 24 hours is the timescale we're talking.

During this period, your installer will advise you to vacate the property; this is simply to give the foam time to fully 'cure', and ensure that all chemicals are fully inert before reoccupancy.

There are, however, several other key factors that can affect the drying time of the foam. These include:

  • HIGH LEVELS OF HUMIDITY: High levels of humidity mean that moisture will inevitably follow-often directly seeping into the workspace itself. In this instance, your installer may advise that it's best to let the area dry out, before applying the spray foam.
  • WEATHER CONDITIONS OUTSIDE: Some home improvements, such as driveways, are entirely weather dependent; they can only be installed on clearer days, for obvious reasons. Although spray foam can be installed regardless of rain or shine, wet from outside can easily seep through in the form of damp. Once again, if this is the case, then your installer will more than likely decide to spend time aerating and drying out the affected area, before proceeding with installing; all of which add to the total time of the project.
  • THE STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY OF YOUR ROOF: Despite the fact that spray foam assists in providing additional support to the roof, in some instances, roof repairs may be required before the foam can be applied to the rafters. Broken roof tiles and partially rotted timbers will both need repairing beforehand, prolonging the project in the process. It should, however, be stressed that this is generally a rarity.

how long does spray foam take to install

Once applied, spray foam is far more streamlined than fibreglass-making it ideal for insulating pitched roofs and lofts

How Long Does Spray Foam Take To Install In An Attic?

Yes it does-but as mentioned previously, it will still take less than a day. For your attic space, the key time determiner is whether you have existing insulation, and, if so, whether this requires removal.

Another reason why an attic takes longer to insulate than other areas is due to accessibility. If you're ever bravely attempted to venture up into your attic, you'll quickly realise that the whole space is difficult to access. If your roof has an excessively elevated pitch, then the constrictions of the space will become even more apparent.

In this respect, spray foam offers one crystal clear advantage: once applied, it is far more streamlined than other materials, enabling you to insulated the space, without restricting it further in the process.

Traditional insulation methods, such as fibreglass and cellulose, possess a rather 'bulky' composition, and although common in UK attics circa 1970, aren't able to offer the same level of longevity as Home Logic spray foam.

Furthermore, the efficacy of these traditional materials is sorely compromised if they come into contact with moisture. Saturation point is quickly reached, after which point the material ultimately degrades. Although attempts can be made to dry the material out, it is unlikely that its thermal performance will return to its original level.

Other rooms in the home, such as the crawl space, take between 2-3 hours to insulate; although it should be noted that more complex, crawl space constructions may require a further hour or so to achieve the desired effect.

how long does spray foam take to install

Open celled foam dries quicker than closed cell varieties-and offers superior soundproofing properties as well!

Does Open Celled Foam Take Longer Than Closed Cell Foam To Dry?

No it doesn't-in fact, the opposite is actually the case! Unlike open celled spray foam, the closed cell variety is not fully water-blown, and is mixed with additional chemicals, resulting in a far denser texture overall.

Consequently, the overall drying time is noticeably longer than for open celled foam; this also means that you will be faced with a longer period of disruption to your existing routines while waiting for it to dry.

If you're seeking to use spray foam for soundproofing then open cell also offers the best results in this respect as well. The nature of the open cells enables sound to be trapped within them, stopping sound transmission in its tracks; a particularly pleasing perk for those with noisy neighbours.

Moreover, closed cell foam is far better suited to commercial applications anyway!

how long does spray foam take to install

A botched, D.I.Y attempt can be costly and time-consuming to fix. Get it right from the outset instead by enlisting an expert.

Wouldn't It Just Be Quicker To Use A D.I.Y Kit Instead?

The ability to shave off a few hours of installation time can be tempting-as can the ability to save a few of your hard-earned pounds in the process.

Unfortunately, this often proves to be a false economy; a botched, D.I.Y attempt can be considerably costly and time-consuming to fix, and can, ironically, end up costing you near to the same amount as hiring a professional in the first place!

For spray foam to be effective, it has to be sprayed in the right quantities, using the correct techniques. Without extensive, prior training, you're pretty much going into the project half-blind, praying your efforts will pay off in the end.

Needless to say, it definitely doesn't work this way in practice; each of the areas to be sprayed often requires a different level of thickness. If applied incorrectly, the consistency of the coverage will be patchy, consequently compromising the performance.

By opting for a licensed contractor instead, your peace of mind is preserved; should anything go wrong, it will be your installer's responsibility to fix it with immediate effect. They'll also offer you a 25 year warranty with every installation, as well as a comprehensive aftercare service to check that everything is as it should be year after year!

how long does spray foam take to install

Don't let external conditions compromise your comfort; insulate with spray foam, and enjoy the immediate effects!

Spray Foam: A One Day Install For A Lifetime Of Benefits

From curbing cold spots, to reducing noise transfer between rooms, spray foam offers a delightfully diverse range of benefits, transforming your property's performance-all in less than a day.

Just because you have a large amount of insulation in your loft doesn't automatically guarantee that it's still effective; over time, traditional insulation methods inevitably lose their efficacy, with fibres coming unravelled, and, ultimately, leading to leaks as the gaps become more explicit.

Despite the initial outlay, spray foam pays for itself in a relatively short space of time, enabling you to rapidly recoup the cost, and make substantial savings long-term.

What's more, as it performs for the life of the building, it won't require replacement-making it a one-time solution for all manner of age-old problems.  Compare this to more traditional methods, which require replacing after several years and you begin to get a good understanding of why this choice proves more cost-effective long-term.

Desperately seeking a failproof solution to persistent property problems? Spray foam offers exactly that-and some serious savings to boot. Discover whether your property's suitable for spray foam with our free site survey service. Call 0800 1700 636, or simply click the button below to get started today!

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