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How Much Does External Wall Insulation Cost?


Exterior wall insulation is the process of applying a certain material to the outside of your walls to help prevent heat escaping from your home.

This is particularly useful if you have a property with solid walls. It is believed that twice as much heat escapes through a solid wall than it does a cavity wall. But how much does external wall insulation cost? Read on to find out…

What Benefits Does External Insulation Provide?

Just for a second, let’s forget the question how much does external wall insulation cost? Because when it comes to value for money, it’s important to consider the long-term benefits this product provides. Here’s a selection of external wall insulation’s particular plus points:

  • Reduces heat loss through your walls
  • Reduces your household bills
  • Improves the value and appearance of your building
  • Provides an enhanced external sound barrier, and improved internal acoustics
  • Reduces condensation levels
  • Provides a more energy-efficient home with a lower carbon footprint
  • Protects your masonry


To obtain an accurate idea of cost for your specific property, book a free no-obligation site survey today. We’ll provide a competitive quote, in next to no time!

How Much Does External Wall Insulation Cost?

It is hard to put an exact figure on the cost of external wall insulation. Prices can start from around £8000 and at the higher end you can expect to pay above £20,000.

These figures are approximate estimates provided by the Energy Saving Trust. Prices will of course depend on property size, location and the amount of wall space to cover. There are also various other factors to take into consideration.

To obtain an accurate idea of cost for your specific property, book a free no-obligation site survey today. We’ll provide a competitive quote, in next to no time.

How Much Will You Save?

So… you know the answer to the question “how much does external insulation cost?” Now it’s time to find out how much you can actually save.

If you live in a detached household, installing external wall insulation can cut your annual energy bill by as much as £455.

This is an average statistic – meaning many people experience savings a lot higher than this.

For a comprehensive quote, bespoke to your particular property, a free survey proves beneficial.


Tests show that damp content up to 5% in a plain brick wall can lower the insulation performance by half. This is especially true when cavity wall insulation is present. Moisture allows heat to travel through the gap in a cavity wall, more so than if the space was bone dry

Home Logic Wall Insulation: Premium Property Protection

Our team of trusted and professional insulation specialists use only the very best materials, practices and equipment to achieve optimum results. Home Logic Wall Insulation is both effective and revolutionary in its design, totally shaping up the way the industry thinks about external insulation. How? Let us explain…

If the pores of a wall are allowed to collect moisture, the thermal conductivity of the wall will decrease enormously; dampness is definitely not good for thermal quality!

Home Logic Wall Insulation reduces the level of water absorption by more than 95%. It creates an invisible barrier against water that penetrates the masonry by as much as 17mm.

Once installed, this product can last up to 20 years, providing complete protection against rainwater the entire time. We are huge advocates of this insulation material, which has been tested and certified to stringent industry standards.

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