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How Much Does Rendering Cost In The UK?

How Much Does Rendering Cost in the UK

There are many reasons why property owners in the UK choose to get their homes rendered frequently. First and foremost, it provides a boost to the exterior of a tired looking or discoloured house. For many it is also important to consider as a protective element, as it can be viewed as the last stage of external wall insulation.  For anyone looking to find out more information on what rendering actually is,  the different types of rendering, as well as how much does rendering cost, read on to find out more…

What exactly is rendering? Why should you consider rendering your property?

As a homeowner, you will find that as time goes on, it is common that the exterior of a property will get damaged, discoloured, or dirty. This is obviously something most property owners would like to prevent. Not only does it result in your home looking worn and tired, it could lower the value of the house for any potential buyers.

Rendering is a popular solution for prevention and repair of the deterioration of the exterior of your property. A professional home installation company  can be commissioned to use a sand and cement (or other type) mixture to sand down or exfoliate the external walls of your home.

They will then cover the walls with paint, resulting in a fresh and updated look for your property.

If this sounds like just what you need for your home, your next question will most likely be- how much does rendering cost in the UK?  Read on to find out more.

So, how much does rendering cost?

There are various factors which will contribute to how much rendering will cost you, such as the below. To give you a rough estimate, the price of rendering can be around £35 per metre squared. So for properties that have a wall space of 80m squared, the cost for a basic rendering job can be circa £3000.

Other factors come into play, including:

  • The exact location of your property in the UK could affect the price – the further south you are the higher your installation company is likely to charge you.
  • Whether the renderers can access your property easily will also affects costs. If it is a difficult process, you may receive a higher quote.
  • Go for smaller companies with multiple years of experience for lower prices and a more personalised service.
  • Prices could be hiked up in the summertime when demand for rendering is higher.

Also, the following costs have not been included in our estimation, because they can differ  so much depending on various factors:

  • Scaffolding and priming
  • Removal and disposal of any existing render
  • The number of windows or doors that require beading

The best way to get an accurate idea of how much does rendering cost is to get a customized quote for your home. To make sure you’re getting the best quote for rendering for your home, check out online reviews to help you choose the right company for your needs.

Is rendering a cost-effective long-term solution?

How much rendering costs in the first place is not the primary cause of concern – what really makes the costs add up is how frequently it needs to be done. It is likely that your property will require rendering every few years, making it an expensive investment to embark upon.

Have you considered External Wall Insulation in place of rendering? At Home Logic, we can provide you with a Which? Approved  professional wall coating service. This is when a chemical spray is applied onto the exterior of a property to form a protective barrier.

Not only does this protect your exterior walls from dirt, debris and mould, it is an effective form of insulation against dampness and thereby improves its thermal performance. In the long term, external wall insulation can also save you money on your heating bills.

For any more questions about insulation or rendering, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information and a bespoke quote just for your property.

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