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Spray Foam Insulation

How Much Money Does Insulation Save?

how much money does insulation save

When looking at ways to reduce household bills, there’s lots of tips and tricks online from various consumer champion sites and forums.

However, there are vast changes that can be made by improving elements of your homes infrastructure, that does away with the need to continuously remember to switch energy providers, turn your lights off, and switch devices off of standby mode.

Insulation can make a huge difference to a household’s comfort and energy usage levels, but how much money does insulation save on average, and how? We explains all, right here in the following article…

How Can Insulation Save Me Money?

Effective insulation provides a superior seal against the outside world, preventing air flow and moisture from passing through, consequently keeping the inside cosy and warm-regardless of the weather or temperature outside.

The market leader in innovative insulation, and the proven most efficient insulation product on the UK market is spray foam insulation. It already has a whopping 9.6 out of 10 rating on independent review site Trustpilot!

How Much Money Can Insulation Save Me Long-Term?

LogicFoam installed LogicFoam insulation inside the extensive roof of our large Victorian house. The work was carried out very efficiently. We are delighted that the house is appreciably warmer as a result.” – V Moore, existing customer of LogicFoam

Rather than just adding in an extra layer to try and lessen air flow and thermal conductivity from exterior walls to interior, spray foam insulation forms an impenetrable barrier against it.

As a result, the level of heating required to keep the inside of your home a comfortable temperature even in cold weather is considerably less.

The average UK household stands to save up to 40% on their household energy bills as a consequence of having spray foam insulation installed. If this saving is achieved, the investment made for the initial installation of spray foam insulation will have paid for itself within a three-year period!


As the country’s leading provider in spray foam insulation, we’re here and on hand to help you with your insulation enquiries, and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed and considered decision!

How Else Can Insulation Benefit Me And My Home?

Martin from LogicFoam visited us with regard to loft insulation,everybody knows how horrible the fibreglass type is,we found LogicFoam is brilliant the house is warmer, no more condensation, and so clean. Well worth the money.” – J. Pinnegar, Existing LogicFoam Customer

Traditional insulation products, such as fibreglass rolls, are prone to deterioration as they age, letting off harmful dust levels into the property below and around it.

Unlike these old-fashioned, harmful materials, spray foam insulation contains no toxins or pollutants, and stays intact over time. It also won’t allow dust to settle on it, thereby improving internal air quality immeasurably.

Those living with conditions such as asthma that are aggravated by airborne irritants will benefit hugely from purer air within their living environment. In the UK, air pollution is estimated to kill up to 40,000 people and the cost of treating those and others is believed to be over £50billion annually!

There are various calls for full public enquiries into air quality, and its knock-on health impacts in the UK.

Spray Foam: The Ultimate, Failproof Investment

My house is warmer and holds the heat longer. The crew who did the work were very pleasant, got on with the job and cleaned up well afterwards.” – E. Hogan, existing customer of LogicFoam

Once damp has infiltrated a surface, repairs are needed that can cause extensive damage to the structure of the property. Excavating a wall and demolishing it before installing a dry replacement can cost upwards of £5,000, depending on its size, and the type of property you possess.

Spray foam insulation is completely water-resistant, and will not imbibe moisture, therefore preventing damp from settling into the home. The most effective way to save money on all three fronts is to have spray foam insulation installed within the home – across walls, roofs and floor cavities.

As the country’s leading provider in spray foam insulation, we’re here and on hand to help you with your insulation enquiries, and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed and considered decision.

Start your journey to substantial savings today, by calling 0800 1700 636, or, alternatively, by simply clicking the button below!

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