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How to Achieve Airtightness in Buildings

how to achieve airtightness in buildings

There’s nothing worse than living in a draughty old house, particularly during the long Winter months. Unfortunately, no matter how high you crank your heating, if your home has draughts, then it means that heat is escaping, which could mean you are paying more than you would like for your energy bills.

Character properties built before 1920 have become increasingly fashionable amongst young professionals in recent years, but these older homes often have solid wall construction, and can also feature loft spaces where heat can be lost.

Nobody wants to spend all their hard-earned cash on heating their home, so check out how to achieve airtightness in buildings constructed before 1920!

How to Achieve Airtightness in Buildings Using Insulation

Did you know that Home Logic Spray Foam insulation can actually save you up to 35% on your heating costs? When it comes to how to achieve airtightness in buildings using insulation, spray foam insulation is definitely the best way to trap heat in your home, and eliminate draughts for good.

But there are other benefits to installing spray foam insulation too. Here’s a list of some of the most important ones to consider:

  • Spray foam insulation can eliminate moisture and condensation issues in your home
  • Our insulation comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, protecting your home for years to come
  • This type of insulation can sometimes help to support the overall structure of your property
  • You can use spray foam insulation in almost any type of property, including in complex spaces such as awkwardly-shaped lofts, where other types of insulation may be difficult to install due to access issues
  • If you live near a busy road, you’ll notice spray foam insulation can help to protect against outdoor noise, creating a more pleasant environment
  • You’ll save money heating your home and create a more comfortable environment throughout the year

Not all types of spray foam insulation are equal, so when it comes to how to achieve airtightness in buildings, it’s best to consult our talented team of technicians.

We have many years of experience installing spray foam insulation, and our trusted team of expert installers will get the job done quickly, and with minimal disruption to your busy life, and daily routines.

Installing Spray Foam Insulation in Your Home

We use a specially formulated spray foam which is completely water blown, and expands up to 100 times its initial size. Because this insulation contains no harmful or toxic ingredients, it’s safe to use in any situation.

The insulation is sprayed or injected onto the desired areas, for example: the floors, walls, ceilings or even awkwardly-shaped crawlspaces.

Once applied, the foam rapidly expands in size and shape, hardening to form a solid insulation barrier that traps heat inside your property, and protects against draughts that can cost you money in energy bills.

It’s important to us that the insulation we use lasts, and because of its 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, you won’t need to top-up your insulation for the foreseeable future, ensuring that spray foam insulation is a worthwhile investment for your home.

how to achieve airtightness in buildings

When it comes to how to achieve airtightness in buildings, our spray foam insulation helps to protect against draughts and cold spots-even in pre-1920s buildings with solid walls. This means that you can enjoy a cosier home this Winter, without worrying about your energy bills soaring through the roof!

Professional Service, Professional Product

Our trusted team of spray foam insulation installers have years of industry experience, and we’ll install your insulation without causing any disruption or mess – we always clean up as the final step in our comprehensive ten-step process.

If you’d like more information about our ten-step process, or about how to achieve airtightness in buildings, or if you have any questions about the benefits of spray foam insulation, you can contact us at any time by calling 0800 1700 636, or by clicking the button below!

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